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The Principal's Role in Effective Literacy Instruction

Summer Vocabulary Games for Learners and Caregivers

Power Word of the Week: Venial

7 Fun Summer Vocabulary Worksheets for Students

Summer Professional Growth Plan for Teachers and Principals

Power Word of the Week: Infallible

7 Fun Professional Development Ideas for Teachers

10 Summer Learning Activities That Will Keep Students Writing [Free Printables]

Power Word of the Week: Brevity

Summer Reading Strategies Bookmark for Elementary Students, Grades 2–5

QUICK Vocabulary Review & Practice Activities for Students (Handouts Included)

Power Word of the Week: Infraction

Text-Dependent Questions for Close Reading of Paired Texts – 5 Day Lesson Plan

Last Week of School Activity– 5 Pieces of Advice Using Vocabulary Words

Teaching Persuasive Writing in the Classroom [Free Kit for Grades 3–12]

Power Word of the Week: Benefactor

Printable Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans for Grades 3–6

Run-on Sentence Practice Activity for Students, Grades 3–8

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt Activity, Grades 1–12 (FREE Worksheets Included)

How Principals and Specialists Can Get Feedback from Teachers

Power Word of the Week: Opinionated

Memorial Day Worksheets for the K–5 Classroom

The BIG THREE of Teacher Feedback

Power Word of the Week: Vulnerable

Dice-Inspired Vocabulary Games for High School

Printable End of Year Activities for Elementary Students!

Mother's Day Revision Lesson, Grades 3–5

Power Word of the Week: Breach

A Fun Proofreading Activity for Students in Grades 3–5

Wacky Word Toss — A Vocabulary Review Activity Students Will Love

Teaching Point of View; An Overview for Grades 3–5

Power Word of the Week: Dissonant

Diary of Anne Frank Activities That Will Strengthen Descriptive Writing, Grades 3–8

Mother's Day-Inspired Compare and Contrast Lesson, Grades 3–5

Shakespeare Lesson Plan: Create Thine Own Vocabulary Insult, Grades 6–12

4 FREE Shakespeare Activities for High School Students

Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to a NEW 21st Century School Design [Free Graphic Organizer]

ACT/SAT Test-Taking Strategies: Pre-assess & Differentiate Vocabulary Learning

Power Word of the Week: Talisman

A Guide to Reviewing Vocabulary Terms Before High-Stakes Testing

Writing a Short Story Lesson Plan for Elementary Students –National Tell A Story Day

3 Printable Earth Day Writing Activities, Grades 1–12

How to Use Text-Dependent Questions to Engage Students in Close Reading, Grades 2–5

Power Word of the Week: Shoddy

Fun Vocabulary Activities for End of the School Year

Reading Practice Prompts for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC)

Power Word of the Week: Leeway

3 Test-Taking Strategies for Elementary Students (Includes 10+ Printables)

Baseball Parts of Speech Grammar Game, Grades 2–12

April Poetry Month – Fun Poetry Activities & Resources for Teachers

Power Word of the Week: Barrage

5 Fun Grammar Worksheets to Use This Spring!

Note-Taking Strategies for Elementary Students— Texts and Multimedia Formats

Using Prezi in the Classroom to Teach Vocabulary, Grades 6–12

Power Word of the Week: Parry

Simple Direct Vocabulary Instruction Strategies that Work (Proven Tips/Techniques by Vocab Gal)

Celebrity Tweets Worksheet for Revising and Editing Practice, Grades 7–12

Leprechaun Activities to Improve Students' Writing, Grades 1–5

Women's History Month Research Activity, Grades 3–8

Power Word of the Week: Maul

Components of Balanced Literacy and Strategies for the Classroom

Power Word of the Week: Misnomer

Vocabulary Lesson Plan: March Madness Competition, Grades 2–12

Classroom Debate Lesson Plan Inspired by March Madness, Grades 5+

How Word Parts and Context Clues Strategies Can Help Students Become Better Test Takers

Power Word of the Week: Radiant

Printable Reading Activities for Black History Month

Informative/Explanatory Writing in the Classroom, Grades 3–12

Power Word of the Week: Waggish

National Anthem Close Reading Activities for Grades 3–8

ESL Valentine's Day Lesson for Vocabulary Learning, Grades 1–12

Power Word of the Week: Annotation

Teaching Grammar Creatively; Seven Worksheets To Get You Started

Winter Olympics 5-Day Nonfiction Reading Strategy Lesson Plan, Grades 3–8

Power Word of the Week: Plod

Super Bowl Commercials! Persuasive Writing Lesson for Grades 5+

Power Word of the Week: Immunity

2018 Olympic Activities for Students That Will Strengthen Vocabulary

Model Close Reading Annotation Using "I Have a Dream" by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Power Word of the Week: Porous

Meaningful Vocabulary Instruction and How to Get the Words to Stick!

8 Strategies for Teaching ELL Students Vocabulary Words

Teach Sequence of Events– Free Sequencing Worksheets for Kindergarten and Grade 1

Power Word of the Week: Evince

Free Printable New Year Activities for Students, Grades 1–5

The Purposes for Multiple Reads in Close Reading Lessons

Power Word of the Week: Perpetuate

4 Tips to Successfully Begin a New Semester After Winter Break

8 Ways to Integrate Greek/Latin Roots into Vocabulary Routines

Power Word of the Week: Indelible

Fun Winter Holiday Writing Activities Elementary Students Will Love

Creative Ways to Teach Parts of Speech in Middle School and High School

Holiday Close Reading Lessons

Winter & Holiday-Themed Activities Students Can Use to Review Vocabulary and Improve Writing

Winter Holidays Around the World– Lesson Plans for Elementary Students

Power Word of the Week: Ferment

10 Ways Teachers/Principals Can Celebrate Student Success

Power Word of the Week: Aloof

3 Easy Ways to Support Grammar Instruction School-wide

Help Struggling Readers Build Vocabulary; 10+ Printables to Get You Started

Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Lesson Guide– Milly and the Macy's Parade

Power Word of the Week: Slapdash

Annotating Text Strategies That Will Enhance Close Reading

Power Word of the Week: Brackish

Nature-themed Homophone Activity, Grades 5–8

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Worksheets Your Students Will Love

Power Word of the Week: Supine

How Self-monitoring Strategies Support Students When Reading Closely

11 Vocabulary Homework Ideas And How To Motivate Students To Do It!

Power Word of the Week: Attainment

Free Thanksgiving Reading Activities Elementary Students Will Love

Using Classroom Centers for Writing in the Middle- and Upper-Level Classroom

Power Word of the Week: Stark

How to Be Successful Mentoring New Teachers

Halloween Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Graphic Organizers

Power Word of the Week: Paragon

Fall-Inspired Haiku Poetry Worksheet

Top 10 Halloween Series Books for Kids in Grades 1–4 (Graphic Organizers Included)

29 Printable Grammar Worksheets That Will Improve Students' Writing

Power Word of the Week: Impair

8 Printable Halloween Language Arts Worksheets!

How to Use the Circle of Viewpoints Routine with Students

Power Word of the Week: Capsize

Halloween Grammar Parts of Speech Worksheets for Grades 3–5

Power Word of the Week: Fend

6 Things to Include in a Substitute Teacher Binder

Power Word of the Week: Memorandum

Power Word of the Week: Oust

Explore Emerging Themes with Pax by Sara Pennypacker, Grades 3–6

Vocabulary Assessment and Inventory

The Power of Journal Writing in the Classroom

Elements of a Literacy-Rich 21st Century Classroom

Back-To-School Writing Prompts [Includes Printable Worksheets]

How to Assess Reading Levels of Elementary Students Throughout the Year

14 Free Back-to-School Printables for Teachers

Interactive Read Aloud Strategies—23 Lessons to Get You Started!

First Day of School Icebreakers for the K–5 Classroom

3 Vocabulary Activities to Use with In-Class Texts

An Awesome SAT and ACT Comparison for Teachers and Students

Elementary STEM Unit Your Students Will Love– Includes Shared Reading

Practice Combining Adjectives and Action Words This Summer, Grades 3–5

Power Word of the Week: Extemporaneous

How to Design Lessons for Teaching Story Structure with the CCSS

Power Word of the Week: Queue

A Guide to Getting Feedback from Students and Using It to Improve Your Teaching

How Professional Development Can Support Writing Communities in Schools

Team-Building Activities for High School Students

How to Use the Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate Thinking Routine

Analyze the Setting with the I Survived Collection by Lauren Tarshis, Grades 3–6

Writing Thank You Messages to Teachers; A Teacher Appreciation Week Activity

Power Word of the Week: Inimitable

How to Get Struggling Readers to Fall in Love with Reading

How To Teach Reading Comprehension Strategies In Your School

Free Earth Day Vocabulary Activity for All Grade Levels

Power Word of the Week: Gossamer

Earth Day Project: Growing Grassy Heads in the Elementary Classroom

How to Pair Books for Comparing and Contrasting Practice

Power Word of the Week: Brandish

How To Effectively Use Picture Books In Literacy Centers

How to Use a Dr. Seuss Book to Promote STEAM in the Classroom

Content-Rich Curriculum is the Best Preparation for High-Stakes Reading Tests

Power Word of the Week: Quirk

How Literacy Coaches Can Help Teachers Use Picture Books Across Subject Areas

How to Build a School Writing Community Around Shared Values–A FREE Step-by-Step Guide

Compose Love Notes to Words with a Valentines Day Vocabulary Activity

Prepare for Standardized Tests Using Books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

How to Make Vocabulary Improvement and Instruction a Whole-School Endeavor

Writing Communities in School; Creating a School-wide Literacy Action Plan

How to Use the CSI– Color, Symbol, Image Thinking Routine

How to Balance Being a Teacher and a Parent: Top 5 Survival Tips

Literature Awards and School Book Clubs, Grades 1–8

Snowflake Adjectives Activity, Grades 3–8

My New Year’s Resolution Worksheet for Educators

Vocab Gal Top 10 Best of 2016

The "Grammar Fir Tree" Holiday Writing Activity, Grades 3–8

8 Gifts to Thank Your School Employees

Inspiring Young Readers; Download Your Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library PDF

Headlines Thinking Routine; A Professional Development Series

Capitalizing Proper Nouns and Adjectives, Grades 3–5

Top 3 Best Traits Vocabulary Activity, Grades 3–12

Awesome Anchor Chart to Teach Homophones, Grades 2–12

Top 5 Tips for Meeting an Author at a Conference

Get Shakin' with Adverbs; A Fun Revision Activity for Students

Interactive Read Aloud Template: Miracle Mud By David A. Kelly

10 High Stakes Assessment Terms Students Need to Know

How to Teach Grammar Effectively; 8 "Do's" and "Don'ts" To Keep In Mind

Increase High-Stakes Standardized Testing Success with Vocabulary

Compass Points Thinking Routine; A Professional Development Series

5 Tips That Will Get Students Revising Wordy Sentences

Printable Halloween Writing Activity & Grammar Terms Crossword Puzzle

A Principal's Role in the Professional Development of Teachers

3rd Grade Vocabulary Worksheets, Printables, and Resources

Portfolios in the Classroom: Digital and Traditional

Differentiated Vocabulary Assessment Handout

How to Successfully Select CCSS Literacy Strands to Focus On

Using Learning Centers to Enhance Vocabulary Instruction

11 Elementary Grammar Worksheets That Will Improve Students' Writing

The Brain and Learning– What Educators Need to Know

Focus on a Standard; Describing Characters in a Story (RL.3.3)

Sticking to a Plan: Planning and Preparing for Literacy and Learning Centers

Teacher Goal Setting and Professional Planning for the New Year

How Sentence Stems Support Middle School Students in their Writing

The Explanation Game Visible Thinking Routine; A Professional Development Series

Setting Instructional Goals and Objectives; 6 Key Points Teachers Should Remember

Word Superheroes Vocabulary Challenge, Grades 1–12

A Reading Activity to Include in Disability Units—Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Revision Strategies for Students- How to Teach Meaningful Revision

Back-to-School Elementary Activity: Book Jacket & Table of Contents

Interactive Read Aloud Template: Emmanuel's Dream– The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah

How Literacy Coaches Can Support Teachers in Teaching ACT Test Prep

Reading Survey for Students; Getting to Know your New Class of Readers

Teaching Students the Different Writing Formats; 8 Printables to Get You Started

Setting Learning and Vocabulary Expectations in the Classroom

Encourage More Students to Read with Movie-Inspired Book Clubs!

Student Volunteerism; A Writing Activity With Purpose, Grades 9–12

Beyond the Foundational Four: Additional Content-Focused Centers for Mathematics and Science

The Top 3 Ways to Integrate Vocabulary Into Your Classroom Routine

5 Ways to Use Author Interviews to Enhance Vocabulary Instruction

Using Webb's DOK and Bloom's Taxonomy During Teacher/Student Conferences and Small Group Work

4 Classroom Icebreakers to Kick Off the School Year

Classroom Library Organization Tips for K–5 Teachers

Recharge and Refresh: 5 Ways Teachers Can Stay Motivated

Summer PD: Best Practices for Teaching Grammar & Writing in Elementary

Beyond the Foundational Four: Additional Content-Focused Centers for English Language Arts and Social Studies

8 eBooks That Will Improve Your Writing & Grammar Instruction

5th Grade Summer Reading List

Summer PD: The Value of Intentional Vocabulary Instruction in Middle School

4th Grade Summer Reading List

3rd Grade Summer Reading List

2nd Grade Summer Reading List

Recognize and Editing Errors in a Summer Story, Grades 3–5

1st Grade Summer Reading List

How Parents Can Help Kids Fight Summer Reading Loss

Four Books Effective Principals and Teachers Should Read this Summer

The Four Foundational Centers: Teacher Led, Vocabulary, Read Together & Writer’s Craft

3-2-1 Bridge Thinking Routine; A Professional Development Series

Crafting Clever Sentences; Organizers for Phrases and Clauses Practice

Vacation Postcards– A Summer Vocabulary Activity

Connecting Reading and Math with Greg Tang Books

Can I Get a Quick Review? Practice Vocabulary in 3 Steps!

Setting Up Classroom Writing Centers in the Upper Grade Levels

Farewell Message to Seniors; 10 Ways to Succeed in College/Life

4 Interactive Writing Activities That Can Serve As Relief From Testing

Chalk Talk Thinking Routine; A Professional Development Series

5 Reasons You Are A Successful Teacher!

Activities for Parallel Structure Practice, Grades 6–12

Interactive Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template: Brothers at Bat by Audrey Vernick

The Top Three Reasons for Teaching Vocabulary Words

Hold a Student Showcase to Celebrate Their Writing, Grades K–8

Learning and Literacy Centers: An Effective Instructional Model for Meeting the Needs of All Students

Strategies for Engaging Middle School Students in Writing and Grammar Instruction

A Videogame-Inspired Classroom Vocabulary Game!

4 Poetry Month Activities for the Classroom

“The Isle of the Lost” – Compare and Contrast Characters Activity

Think–Puzzle–Explore Visible Thinking Routine; A Professional Development Series

10 Quick Write Prompts to Practice Vocabulary

SBAC Sample Questions for the English Language Arts/Literacy Sections

Interactive Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template: Separate Is Never Equal by Duncan Tonatiuh

My Top 5 Tips for Classroom Management

ACT Test-Taking Strategies: Tips for Taking the ACT Writing Test

Teaching Historical Fiction: Using Time Periods to Support Understanding, Grades 3–8 [Graphic Organizer]

Shamrock Parts of Speech Review Game, Grades 3–6

Symbolism Lesson Plan Using Multiple Texts, Grades 3+

Make Thinking Visible with the Zoom In Thinking Routine; A Professional Development Series

Let Author Veronica Roth Inspire Your Students to Learn Vocabulary

Interactive Read Aloud of Little Melba and Her Big Trombone By Katheryn Russell-Brown

Teaching Students the Elements of Writing to Entertain

“I ♥ Vocabulary”—Awards and Recognition for Students Using Vocabulary

Character Development Activity: Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood, Grades 4–6

Presidents' Day Compare and Contrast Activity, Grades 3–5

The Year of the Dog; A Coming of Age Novel, Grades 4–6

Teaching Argumentative Writing in the Classroom, Grades 9–12

Winter Vocabulary Worksheets Your Students Will Love

"Do a Good Deed" Summarizing Activities, Grades 4+

What Works? How to Motivate Students to Read

Chinese New Year Activities for Elementary Students

Using Visible Thinking Strategies in the Classroom; A Professional Development Series

Presentations: Tips for Improving Speaking and Listening Skills

Vocabulary Practice With Rap Your Words

Teaching Narrative Writing in the Classroom [Printable Poster Included]

Snowman Story Map: Show the Connection Between Reading and Writing

How To Motivate Students To Write (And Love It!)

Read More By Listening: Audiobooks for You and Your Students

"The Perfect Meal" Short Essay Writing Activity, Grades 2–6

Vocabulary Practice With Vocabulary Toss

3 Vocabulary Practice Worksheets for Digitally Savvy Students

Dr. Beverly Ann Chin: Advocacy, Leadership, and Mentoring in English Language Arts

Interactive Read Aloud Lesson Plan of Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier

Holiday-Inspired Vocabulary Activity: Design the Perfect Gift

“Build Your Own Sundae” Vocabulary Activity for K–12 Students

Interactive Read Aloud Lesson Template of Sweet Tooth by Margie Palatini & Jack E. Davis

Persuasive Letter Writing Exercises for Grades 2–12

Reading Engagement Inventory, Grades 1–8

Molly's Pilgrim Mini-Unit: On, Between, & Beyond the Lines

Book Talk Placemat: An Interactive Book Discussion for Kids

5 Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

17 Printable Vocabulary-Building Games

Celebrate the World Series with Baseball Printables, Books, & Read Alouds

Give Me Five! Reading Strategy for Grades K–2

Teaching Students The Many Purposes of Writing

Part 4: Using the Text Rain Reign in a Disability Awareness Unit

Pumpkin Patch Fall Vocabulary Activity, Grades 1–12

Part 3: Teaching Students About Disabilities Using The Book Out of My Mind

Part 2: Wonder Lesson Plans That Teach Students About Acceptance

Part 1: Disability Awareness Activities Unit for Grades 4–8

Vocabulary-Building Worksheets That Combine Creative Graphics & Writing

Ideas To Get Students Writing In The Classroom Every Day

Top 10 Characteristics of Effective Grammar Instruction

Patricia Polacco Continued... The Keeping Quilt Activities

Interactive Read Aloud of The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco

Teacher To-Do List for the New School Year

Literary Devices in Poetry Activity, Grades 3–5

Back-to-School Activities for Middle School

Effective Classroom Management Strategies for the K–5 Classroom

Back-To-School Writing Assessment Ideas

Open House Presentation On Balanced Literacy, Grades K–5

Student of the Week Vocabulary Activity for Grades 1–12

3 Different Books: A Simple Reading Level Assessment for Teachers

6th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets, Printables, and Resources

Reading Response Journal Organization Tips for the K–5 Classroom

Back-To-School Interactive Read Aloud Lesson Plan Bundle

Tips to Make Classroom Setup Fun and Easy for Teachers

Teaching Students How To Choose A Just-Right Book

Comma Practice Worksheets and Anchor Chart for the Classroom

5th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets, Printables, and Resources

Summer Soundtrack Vocabulary Activity, Grades 6–12

Reinforce the Importance of Grammar & Writing with a Superstar Certificate

Subject and Object Pronouns Worksheets for Students

4th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets, Printables, and Resources

3 Supplemental Programs That Support Language Arts Curriculum

Printable Verb Tenses Worksheets for Students

Interactive Read Aloud Template of The Quilt Makers Gift by Jeff Brumbeau & Gail de Marcken

2nd Grade Vocabulary Worksheets, Printables, and Resources

Relay with Words Vocabulary Game, Grades 4–12

Printable Adverb Activities and Anchor Chart for the Classroom

8 Books Educators & Students Should Add to Their Summer Reading Lists

A Fun Vocabulary Activity That Will Enhance Students' Social Media Summer Break

Prepare for the SAT®* with Sentence Completion Worksheets

Revising and Editing Worksheets: Ingalls Homestead, Grades 3–5

Thoughts of a Reflective Teacher... Vocab Style!

Prepare for the ACT®* with Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Worksheets

Building Academic Vocabulary with Virtual Museum Tours, Grades 1–12

Revising and Editing Worksheets: Remembering V-E Day, Grades 9–12

Interactive Read Aloud: Meteor! by Patricia Polacco

Amp up the fun! 6 Printable Classroom Vocabulary Games to Review Words

SAT®* Grammar Practice Worksheet: Precise Words

4 Spring Worksheets To Keep Students Engaged in Grammar and Writing

Wish Upon a Meteor Writing Activity Inspired by Patricia Polacco

Hopscotch to Identify Parts of Speech!

Building Vocabulary Skills with a Paint Chips Printable Worksheet, Grades 3–12

Compare and Contrast Lesson Plan Using Cinderella Stories, Grades 3+

Six Spring Writing Prompts for Students, Grades 6–12

ACT®* Test Grammar Practice: Choosing Correct Words

Interactive Read Aloud: The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson

ACT®* Test Grammar Practice: Verb Tenses

Art Mouse Project: Combine Art & Writing to Discuss Bullying in the Classroom

Earth Day Writing Activity, Grades 2–5

SAT®* Test Grammar Practice: Punctuation, Part 1

Dr. Beverly Ann Chin: Connections Between Writing Assessment and Writing Instruction

Hit a Verbal Home Run with a Baseball Vocabulary Game, Grades 3–12

What's In Your Test-Taking Strategies Toolkit? 5 Printables to Help Students Ace Assessments!

Historical Fiction Reading & Writing Activity: Nory Ryan's Song, Grades 5+

How to Create Student Vocabulary Game Boards to Review Words, Grades 3–12

3 Quick Tips for Answering Questions on the SAT®* Test

Grammar Terms Crossword Puzzle Game, Grades 6–12

Teach Literary Elements with a Plot Boat Narrative Poster

Interactive Read Aloud: Freedom on the Menu, The Greensboro Sit-Ins

Dr. Beverly Ann Chin: Developing and Improving Students’ Written Language Proficiency

Interactive Read Aloud: Officer Buckle & Gloria

Design Your Own Dwelling Vocabulary Activity, Grades 2–12

Reading Strategy Lesson: Questioning, Grades 3 & 4

Treat Your Students with the Grammar Land Game Board, Grades 3–12

Love Is an Open Door Writing Activity to Display, Grades 2–5

Pin the Part of Speech on the Pig Grammar Game (K–5)

Go Fish Vocabulary Game, Grades 1–12

Rethinking Grammar: This Ain’t Your Momma’s Instruction Book, Grades 6–12

Interactive Read Aloud: White Socks Only

Genrifying Your Classroom Library

Vocabulary Checkers Game, Grades 1–12

Three Writing Activities to Start the New Year Right: Reflecting and Goal Setting, Grades K–5

Interactive Read Aloud of The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

Snow Day Details Vocabulary Activity, Grades 1–8

Reading Lesson Plan: Winter Holiday Rotation

Picabulary Vocabulary Game, Grades 3–12

Interactive Read Aloud of Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

Cooking the Perfect Turkey Sequence Writing Activity, Grades 1–3

Thanksgiving-Themed Reading Resources, K–5

Mr. Turkey 5W's and 1H Graphic Organizer

The Turkey's Talking Vocabulary Activity, K–12

Grammar Mini Lesson: Parts of a Friendly Letter, Grades 3–5

Complex Sentences Grammar Practice, Grades 3–5

Interactive Read Aloud of Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson

Movie Review Grammar & Writing Activity, Grades 6–12

5 Tips for Selecting Nonfiction Texts (to help you comply with the Common Core State Standards requirements)

Adverbs Grammar Practice, Grades 3–5

Awesome Anchor Chart for Indentifying Adverbs

Activating Prior Knowledge Lesson Plans, Grades 3 & 4

Bingo Vocabulary Game, Grades 1–12

Halloween Sticky Sentences Writing Activity, Grades 6–8

Pin the Part of Speech on the Pumpkin Grammar Game, Grades 1–5

Halloween Reading Graphic Organizers

Top 10 Halloween Picture Books & Spooktacular Reading Resources

Halloween-Themed Grammar Terms Crossword Puzzle, Grades 6–12

Community Reading... A Home Run Idea!

Halloween-Themed Grammar & Writing Activity, Grades K–5

Interactive Read Aloud of How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman by Kathleen Krull

4 Tips for Making Grammar Instruction Meaningful and Enjoyable

Strategies for Helping Readers: Activating Prior Knowledge

Teaching Writing in the Context of Common Core State Standards

The Big Three Comma Rules Grammar & Writing Tip Sheet, Grades 3–12

Commas in a Series Worksheet, Grades 6–8

Common Core Grammar Activity: More Commas, Grades 3–5

Interactive Read Aloud of Harvesting Hope by Kathleen Krull

5 Common Uses for Commas Anchor Chart

Using the Six Signposts from Notice and Note in Your Classroom

Common Core Grammar Activity: Perfect Verb Tenses, Grades 3–5

"Mother, May I" Vocabulary Game, Grades 2–12

Interactive Read Aloud of Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

Simple Subjects and Predicates Grammar Practice, Grades 3–5

Parallel Structure Grammar Practice, Grades 6–12

Teaching with the Signposts from Notice and Note

Subject-Verb Agreement Activity, Grades 3–5

Top 3 Tips to Survive the First Week of School

Pronouns and Subject Pronouns Activity, Grades 3–5

"Who Are You?" Writing Prompt, Grades 6–12

Grammar Mini Lesson: Words Often Misspelled, Grades 3–5

Back-to-School Icebreaker: Create a Name with Vocabulary Words, Grades 3–12

Using Webb's DOK and Bloom's Taxonomy within Shared Reading & Reading Units

Pronoun Practice Activity for Students, Grades 6–12

Subject Pronouns Grammar Practice, Grades 3–5

Vocabulary Strategies: Vocab Workshop Word Walls, Grades 1–6

Reading Strategy Lesson: Comparing & Contrasting Firsthand & Secondhand Texts, Grades 4–5

Grammar Mini Lesson: Fragments and Run-on Sentences, Grades 3–5

Interactive Read Aloud of Faithful Elephants by Yukio Tsuchiya

Common Core Grammar & Writing Exercises, Grades 3–12

Interactive Read Aloud of The Memory String by Eve Bunting

Connecting the Common Core Standards with Webb’s Depth of Knowledge & Bloom’s Taxonomy

Back-to-School Icebreaker: Puzzle Together Your Vocabulary Words, Grades 1–12

Back-To-School: Vocabulary Sheet of the Week, Grades 1–12

Fun with Synonyms: Guess That Word Vocabulary Card Game, Grades 3–8

Summer Learning: A Pinterest Board Vocabulary Activity, Grades 6–12

Vocabulary Land Game Board, Grades 4–12

Vocabulary Comic Strip Activity, Grades 2–12

Vocabulary Game: You’re on a Roll, Grades 3–12

Test Prep Strategies for Reading & Vocabulary (Grades 2–12)

Vocabulary Think-Tac-Toe Activity, Grades 6–12

Vocabulary Game for Students: Row Races with Words, Grades 4–12

Author Interview: Andrea Cremer

Top 5 Secrets to Making the Most of a Education Conference

Author Interview: Lauren Oliver

Vocabulary Activity: Vocabulary Pumpkin Patch, Grades 1–12

Top 3 Mistakes (New) Teachers Make

Vocabulary Activity: Creating Pinterest Vocabulary Boards, Grades 1–12

Author Interview: Brandon Mull

Back-To-School: Advice To New Teachers

Vocabulary Activity: Create a Name with Vocab

Back-to-School Vocabulary Icebreaker: Breaking the Ice with Vocab, Grades 4–12

Summer Vocabulary Learning: There's a Word for That Activity, Grades 6–12

Puzzle Together Your Words Vocabulary Activity, Grades 1–12

Vocabulary Worksheet: Thou Shalt Create Thine Own Vocabulary Insult

Vocabulary Activity: Bowdlerizing to Vocabularizing Poetic Texts

Author Interview: G. Neri

Vocabulary Strategies: Using a Vocab Sheet of the Week, Grades 1–12

Vocabulary Activity: Feeling Lucky with Vocabulary Words

Author Interview: Libba Bray

Author Interview Recap: Vocab Gal (almost) Interviews President Obama

Vocabulary Activity: Create Your Own Award with Vocabulary

Author Interview: Matt de la Peña

Vocabulary In The Lyrics Activity – Exploring Words & Context Clues in Music

2012 Vocab Gal Blog in Review

Create A Vocab Playlist Vocabulary Activity, Grades 6–12

Vocabulary Games: Banned Words, Grades 3–8

How to Use Author Interviews to Meet Common Core Standards

Vocabulary Activity: Words Make The Man

Author Interview: James Dashner

Author Interview: Veronica Roth

Vocabulary Practice: The Writing on the Classroom Walls

Author Interview: Laurie Halse Anderson

Summer Learning: Oranges to Oranges Vocabulary Game

Describing Your Perfect Meal Vocabulary Activity, Grades 1–12

Author Interview: AS King and Jackie Morse Kessler

Vocabulary Activity: Word Girl Skits, Grades 2–12

Author Interview: Deborah Hopkinson

Vocab-categories Vocabulary Game

Author Interview: Kathryn Erskine

Author Interview: John Green

Author Interview: Allan Wolf

Vocabulary Game: "Mother May I" Use a Vocabulary Word?

Author Interview: Ilsa Bick

Teaching Academic Vocabulary with Virtual Museum Tours

Author Interview: Jack Gantos

Vocabulary Game: Relay with Vocabulary Words!

Author Interview: Ned Vizzini

Vocabulary Activity: There’s a Word for That

Author Interview: Ally Condie

Author Interview: Sara Zarr

Name a Car! Vocabulary Activity, Grades 4–12

Author Interview: Patrick Carman

Author Interview: Jon Scieszka

Author Interview: Jarrett Krosoczka

Vocabulary Activity: Branding with Vocabulary

Vocabulary Games: Memory With Words, Grades K–8

Author Interview: Lincoln Peirce

Color Your Vocabulary Activity, Grades 1–12

Vocabulary Games: Tell the Round Robin Story

Vocabulary Games: Celebrity Throw-Down with Vocabulary

Vocabulary Practice: Improv + Vocabulary = Kinesthetic Vocab Vim!

Teaching Vocabulary: Quizzes with Multiple Purposes

Teaching Vocabulary– Getting Students to 'Reach for the Stars'

Author Interview: Maggie Stiefvater

Oranges to Oranges Vocabulary Game, Grades 4–12

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