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Blog for math teachers. The Sadlier Math Blog is a K-8 resource to support deep comprehension of math skills and concepts.

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Winter-Themed STEAM Ideas for Math Class – Snowball Catapult

I'm always looking for STEAM ideas for the math classroom. Luckily, inspiration for fresh and fun STEAM ideas seem to be popping up all around me. ...

Jeff Todd

7 Ways Teachers Can Start Fresh in the Math Classroom

Sometimes I’ve felt like I needed a fresh start in my math class. A new year, a new quarter or trimester, a new unit—or sometimes I get the feeling...

Jeff Todd

Move Your Math Class from Skills-Based to Problem Solving [Free Resources]

Moving students from having procedural math skills to being able to use those skills to actually solve problems is one of the biggest challenge that...

Jeff Todd

Practice Multiplication and Division Fact Families Using Arrays

Making sure that every child is solid in his or her multiplication and division facts is critical to students’ success in their later coursework and in...

Jeff Todd

Blizzard of Numbers Factors and Multiples Game Printable, Grades 6–8

My students have come to love math centers. They call it "game time," but I know it is really a time where they can apply their newly learned math...

Jeff Todd

How to Teach Number Lines at Each Grade Level to Support Coherence in Mathematics

Using number lines is one of those topics that are often taken for granted in the elementary and middle school curriculum. Number lines, as a form of...

Jeff Todd

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