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About Us

For over 185 years, William H. Sadlier, Inc. has been dedicated to preparing K–12 students for success in academics with rigorous English Language Arts and Mathematics programs and forming them in the Catholic faith through our catechetical programs. Sadlier offers a variety of educational solutions from print to technology.

Our Mission

Sadlier creates experiences that inform and transform the hearts and minds of learners in all educational settings and throughout life.

We remain driven by our commitment to serve educators in schools and parishes to unlock the full potential of all individuals. As a focused publisher, we work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and provide innovative solutions in and out of the classroom.

About Sadlier School

In today’s high-performing schools, Sadlier is the go-to publisher to partner with for your English Language Arts and Mathematics academic needs. Our traditional approach to teaching core curriculum content has been proven effective for decades in truly preparing students for the demands of college-level work and life.

As a smaller publisher, we work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and provide innovative solutions for instruction in the classroom and out. And it is the trust in the Sadlier quality that keeps loyal customers returning year after year.

About Sadlier Religion

Rooted in a rich history of Catholic publishing, including the Baltimore Catechism, Sadlier Religion is dedicated to innovative, quality catechesis and sacramental preparation content that faithfully present the teachings of the Catholic Church. Sadlier is committed to serving the growing and ever-changing needs of religious education in Catholic schools and parishes, including technology solutions and content to support the Spanish-speaking community.


Back in 1832, two brothers, Denis and James Sadlier, immigrants from Ireland, began publishing materials to meet both the spiritual and educational needs of the Irish immigrant community. This began the story of William H. Sadlier, Inc. and an entrepreneurial, family-owned company that would be passed down across the generations and would continue to innovate and publish educational and religious resources that were in demand.

With the acquisition of the Oxford Book Company in 1972, Sadlier achieved its mission of publishing textbooks in all major academic areas. Today, we are the trusted partner and solution provider to thousands of private and public schools across the world. Sadlier has produced award-winning Mathematics and English Language Arts educational programs that are customized to the needs of every type of learner.

In 1973, Sadlier published its first Spanish/Bilingual textbook. Today, Sadlier continues to be committed to providing the finest materials for the Hispanic market, such as Creemos, Creer • Celebrar • Vivir, and the all-Spanish blog, Creemos y compartimos.

The current Chairman of the Board, Frank Sadlier Dinger, and President Emeritus William Sadlier Dinger, are the great-grandsons of William H. Sadlier and direct descendants of Denis and James Sadlier. They have been recognized as leaders in educational publishing by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) and have been inducted into the association’s prestigious Hall of Fame for their lifetime of achievement, commitment, and dedication to education.

Sadlier’s tradition has always included strengthening the company with talent from outside the family. Chief Executive Officer and President Raymond D. Fagan, for example, joined Sadlier in 2012 as Chief Financial Officer after 25 years of media and information industry experience at leading firms such as Dun & Bradstreet, Harcourt Education Group, Interpublic Group, and The Thomson Corporation.

For over 185 years, the Sadlier family has nurtured William H. Sadlier’s original vision with integrity, creativity, and a commitment to ongoing excellence. That family tradition is felt today and will continue to help us serve our customers into the future.