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Blog for math teachers. The Sadlier Math Blog is a K-8 resource to support deep comprehension of math skills and concepts.

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7 Ways Teachers Can Start Fresh in the Math Classroom

Sometimes I’ve felt like I needed a fresh start in my math class. A new year, a new quarter or trimester, a new unit—or sometimes I get the feeling...

Jeff Todd

How to Teach Number Lines at Each Grade Level to Support Coherence in Mathematics

Using number lines is one of those topics that are often taken for granted in the elementary and middle school curriculum. Number lines, as a form of...

Jeff Todd

MTSS Model Introduction– Reaching Every Math Student Through Multi-Tiered System of Support

How can I reach every student in my math classroom? Whether I am in self-contained classroom with 20 students or teaching five sections of math with 30...

Jeff Todd

Math Center Ideas That Will Make Implementation a Success

One of the hardest things to do is change the way we teach. We learn in educational programs that engaging students with each other and individualizing...

Jeff Todd

Five Math Strategies for Struggling Students

Because I was never a struggling learner in math, at first it was hard for me to understand why students struggled so much. In my journey as a math...

Jeff Todd

3 New School Year Activities to Get to Know Your Math Students

As we get started with the new school year, I am always thinking of ways to get to know my math students. Carefully choosing the right new school year...

Jeff Todd

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