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Construct Deep Word Knowledge and Engage Students in the Process!

With the Interactive Edition of Vocabulary Workshop Achieve—a web-based version of Vocabulary Workshop Achieve—teachers can meet individual needs and close the comprehension gap between struggling and proficient readers using a manageable instructional design and dynamic digital tools. You will:

Accommodate the needs of auditory learners with authentic audio of passages and unit words and of tactile learners with annotation tools

Create personalized pathways based on real-time data using a desired number of words in the Build an Assessment feature

Promote active learning using interactive graphic organizers

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Memory with Words Game, Grades K–8

The game "Memory" is not just for kids! Incorporating "Memory" into vocabulary instruction can reap academic rewards. Download the Memory with Words game template to make vocabulary instruction fun and exciting for students.

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Fun with Synonyms: Guess That Word Vocabulary Card Game, Grades 3–8

Engage students in learning new vocab with a card game of Guess That Word. Students are charged with coming up with groups of synonyms to help the guesser guess the correct word displayed on top of the card.

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