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From Phonics to Reading by Wiley Blevins For Grades K–3


A Fresh Approach to the Science of Reading

High-Quality Foundational Skills Program as rated by EdReports! Winner in the Primary Education category of the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: 2023 Back to School!

The only comprehensive foundational skills program authored by Wiley Blevins and based on his research-based book, A Fresh Look at Phonics. This classroom-ready, compact program provides EVERYTHING needed for efficient Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction and practice including:

  • A systematic, instructional scope and sequence 
  • Daily application of phonics skills to authentic reading and writing experiences
  • High-impact phonics routines such as blending, dictation, word building, word sorts, and reading accountable text
  • Formal Review and Repetition cycle that is embedded in the DNA of the program to monitor student progress
  • Built-in professional development to provide rich, impactful phonics instruction

NEW! We now offer high-impact tutoring through our partnership with Littera Education. Learn more  here. And check out Wiley Blevins’s suite of programs that align with the Science of Reading  here.

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Program Overview
Program Overview

Watch to learn from author Wiley Blevins how From Phonics to Reading is a fresh approach to phonics instruction including the foundational reading skills necessary for early readers.

Learn What Our Customers Are Saying

"I am absolutely a fan of your From Phonics to Reading program. It's reassuring to know the amount of research that went into developing this series. The lessons are very detailed with multiple ways to teach and reinforce. I enjoy using the decodable books to strengthen decoding skills in context. The cumulative assessment per lesson for accuracy and fluency is very helpful. It's awesome how previous lessons are continually being assessed as new lessons are taught. I will be using this data to prepare for my student's IEP meetings for those who have short and long vowel sounds as benchmarks."

Elementary School Teacher, 20+ years’ experience, Midwest

"We currently use Sadlier online component for Phonics, and we love the engagement and easy use of the tools for our students."

Elementary School Teacher, 10-14 years’ experience, South

"If you don't already have a good phonics curriculum, I highly recommend From Phonics to Reading. It's cheap, effective, and easy to implement."

Catherine McGowen

“I’m blown away by what I’m seeing in kindergarten classrooms.”

Nikki Quallen Wilmington City Schools (OH) Director of Curriculum and Instruction

"The response to our new phonics program has been overwhelmingly positive! We love the structure and clear activities with a scope and sequence that we can understand. I like having texts written by an expert such as Wiley Blevins to go to for answers."

Kristen Wedin Literacy Specialist at Earl C McGraw Elementary School

"I put the interactive activities on our Google Classroom Workboard. Students use these to listen to and do work right online. This is most helpful in the blending lines assignment. Students can listen while they practice."

Roxanne Davis First grade teacher at MSAD 54

"Our students find the lessons engaging and because the phonics skills are used in various ways, the learning 'sticks.' We finally have an engaging phonics program that is sequenced and systematic for our K-3 students."

Mary Jane Pelletier Literacy and Reading Recovery Teacher at Mill Stream Elementary School

"We are experiencing positive student outcomes using the From Phonics to Reading program in grades K–2. Teachers appreciate the clarity of the scope and sequence and the components of the materials. The program is a good fit for our students."

Mary Giard Director of Curriculum

"If Phonics is Cinderella, From Phonics to Reading is the glass slipper! Teachers no longer must spend hours trying to distinguish between elements of their phonics program that are impactful versus pitfalls that cause failure."

Terri Elmore Springville Elementary School Reading Specialist

"We love using From Phonics to Reading! It is so well planned and so easy to follow. It's so nice to have everything included."

Edith Walker Specialist

I used the Kindergarten level for the first time this past school year. I feel that it was very effective in helping the students to make the jump from prereaders to beginning readers.

Marty King Teacher

I have used the Sadlier Phonics for the last three years for Kindergarten and First Grade. I love the Science of Reading and the work of Wiley Blevins. The program has elements of a strong phonics instruction. The decodable material makes learning to read easier for all students. Each grade level builds on the year before. I have found my students to end the year on grade level for reading moving to the next grade. I believe the science of reading works for most if not all students.

Alexandra Schack Teacher

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