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Blog for math teachers. The Sadlier Math Blog is a K-8 resource to support deep comprehension of math skills and concepts.

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8 Ways to Compare Fractions in the Late Elementary Grades

In this post, I want to share a collection of methods that you can use with late elementary students, in Grades 3 to 5, to compare fractions. Plus,...

Jeff Todd

How to Teach Number Lines at Each Grade Level to Support Coherence in Mathematics

Using number lines is one of those topics that are often taken for granted in the elementary and middle school curriculum. Number lines, as a form of...

Jeff Todd

37 Math Early Finisher Activities for Elementary Students

One of the challenges we all face in the classroom is finding activities for students who finish early. This is an important topic because we know what...

Jeff Todd

Adding Fractions Using Models Worksheets, Grades 4 & 5

This post and its related worksheets provide you with materials to help your students with visual representation of adding fractions using models, such...

Jeff Todd

Candy Bar Fractions Activity, Grades 3–5

My students are working on CCSS 4.NF.A.2 (Compare two fractions with different numerators and different denominators, e.g., by creating common...

Jeff Todd

Welcome to the Progress in Math Blog

I am so glad that you found this math blog among all the possible sites you might have landed on through the Internet, and I hope you keep with me as I...

Jeff Todd

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