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May 23, 2024 3-5-number-and-operations-in-base-10, k-2-counting-and-cardinality, k-2-number-and-operations-in-base-10, k-2-measurement-and-data, 3-5-measurement-and-data, 3-5-statistics-and-probability, k-2-geometry, 3-5-number-and-operations-fractions, other-seasonal, 3-5-geometry

FREE Summer Math Worksheets for Grades K–6

Discover engaging summer math worksheets that will help Grades K–6 students keep their mathematics skills sharp over the break! These Summer Math Packets can be used in summer school programs or shared with students at home to encourage family math activities. Download and print our FREE summer math worksheets now!


Fun Summer Math Worksheets for Kids

The summer math worksheets are grouped into lower and upper elementary packets, Grades K to 3 and Grades 4 to 6. I specifically chose games and activities for the Summer Math Packets that are both educational AND fun. The goal of these summer math worksheets are to reinforce work students have been doing through the year—at the same time letting them have some fun with math concepts!

If your district is holding regular summer school programs, don't make students in your summer school class simply complete worksheets! Ditch the redundant worksheets and have them complete these fun games and activities in pairs. If the Summer Math Packets are being used at home, encourage students to engage with their family members to complete the exercises. Some of the activities need to be cut out, or they require dice, a ruler, or a deck of cards, and one requires teddy bear counters. Nevertheless, it will be super-easy for students or their families to get going!


Here are descriptions of the activities in each of the Summer Math Packets.

These FREE printable summer math worksheets are designed to help K–6 kids keep their mathematics skills sharp during break!

Summer Math Worksheets for Grades K–3

#1 Make-a-Ten Go Fish! Game

Learning the ten pairs is critical for number fluency and mental math. To start playing Make-a-Ten Go Fish! you will need a deck of cards with all the face cards removed.

#2 Geometry Concentration Game

Have students practice matching basic geometry vocabulary terms with their corresponding geometric figures. The various decks include basic 2-d and 3-d shapes as well as “real world” representations of the shapes.

#3 Place Value Go Fish

Go fishing for matches of different representations of two-digit numbers. Simply cut the cards to get started!

#4 Wild West Checkers Game

This wild checkers game will reinforce students’ addition and subtraction skills! Solve two-digit addition and subtraction problems in order to make moves on the checkers board.

#5 Teddy Bear Counters Picture Graphs

To complete this activity, you will need teddy bear counters (or any colored counters) that are red, yellow, green, and blue. Grab a couple of handfuls, sort them according to color, and make a bar graph using the templates.

Summer Math Worksheets for Grades K–3

Download Now

Summer Math Worksheets for Grades 4–6

#1 Who Am I? Math Game

With this simple math game, students are given clue cards that are focused on fraction concepts. The goal is for students to identify "Who am I?"—that is, the fraction—based on the given clues.

#2 The Game of Math Factors

This simple dice game is all you need to make learning prime numbers and factors fun. This is something like a cross between Bingo and Tic-Tac-Toe, where the goal is to get four in a row. You will need dice to roll and form a number for which you need to find factors in order to place a token on the board.

#3 Crayon Line Plot Activity

With this activity, students will use their developing knowledge of fractions (halves, quarters, eighths), hone their ability to measure objects, and practice displaying and analyzing data using line plots! This activity requires a ruler to measure the length of graphs and mark them on a line plot. There are a series of questions about the data once it is plotted. Answer key provided.

#4 Math Land Fluency Game Boards

Math Land, similar to Hasbro® Candy Land™, is a captivating fluency game where you solve problems in order to keep moving along the board. The three board games are specific to Grades 4–6 and focus on specific skills. To start playing, you will need a number cube or die.

#5 Candy Bar Fraction Sort Activity

This sweet activity contains a series of printable mats and fractions to sort into categories. This is a great activity for developing number sense and comparing fractions to half and whole benchmarks. Answer key provided.

Printable Summer Math Worksheets for Grades 4–6

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In Summary

At Sadlier Math, we have been collecting a lot of fun games and activities over the years (many of which I have written myself) but some of the activities included are from our archives. I’m sure that this collection of activities and games will be a great summer math packet in itself. Alternatively, you could choose from the activities to supplement whatever you have already put together. There are also answer keys for the activities that require them.

What I like most about these summer math worksheets is that they can be used interactively with your students’ family members. They can play the games with their parents, siblings, extended family members, neighbors, or friends.

Download the Summer Math Packets today, and get ready for a great and well-deserved summer vacation!