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June 6, 2019 CG Lessons 6-8, CG Writing Lessons K-5, ELA K-5, ELA 6-8, ELA Resources - Activities, ELA Focus - Writing, ELA PD - Grammar Writing, Core Grammar

Diary of Anne Frank Activities That Will Strengthen Descriptive Writing, Grades 3–8

The story of Anne Frank is one of the most well-known in literature. Today, I want to honor this remarkable historical figure by sharing a couple Anne Frank activities you can use in the classroom to strengthen writing. Plus, download an amazing Diary of Anne Frank Worksheet and 33 Journal Writing Prompts for free! Although these printable resources can be used in the classroom all year long to celebrate the life of Anne Frank, they are a great way to celebrate her birthday on June 12th!


Anne Frank Activities to Strengthen Writing

“When I write I can shake off all my cares. My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived!” Anne Frank wrote those words in her work: The Diary of a Young Girl. As a lover of words and writing, it makes sense to agree with Anne Frank.

The story of Anne Frank is one of the most well-known in literature. If you haven't read her writings, then most likely you've seen one of the many films, documentaries, television adaptations created since 1947. Here are activities you can use in the classroom to celebrate the writings of Anne Frank and reflect on her life and legacy.

#1 The Diary of Anne Frank Worksheet 

This free printable worksheet is a great way to honor Anne Frank and her love of writing! Students have the opportunity to brainstorm descriptive traits about Anne Frank and themselves, complete a writing prompt, reflect on what it would be like to live in an annex. Download the Anne Frank Worksheet now. 



#2 Diary and Journal Writing in Honor of Anne Frank

Anne Frank's writings both showcase the hopeful spirit of a young girl and the horrors of World War II. Above all, Anne Frank's life and writings show the importance of journal writing!

Daily writing in journals provides a low-risk writing experience for students, so they can fully explore thoughts, ideas, and topics. Journal writing helps improve students’ skills in five distinct ways:

  1. Increases students’ ability to respond to various writing situations

  2. Helps students respond to their personal issues

  3. Provides low-risk writing experiences

  4. Allows teacher-insight into their students

  5. Builds confidence

Teachers can implement journal writing smoothly into their classrooms. When students enter the classroom, they are often talkative and active. A writing prompt is one way to get students settled down and focused on a task. At the same time, the prompt will allow students to practice writing for a variety of purposes. and practice the conventions of standard English. The more students write, the more practice they are given to work with language, grammar, and mechanics. To learn more about the benefits of diary and journal reading, CLICK HERE.

Download 33 writing prompts that will encourage students to engage in journal writing.


Download Now

In Summary

Anne Frank's journal entries show us that writing is essential to preserving stories, history, and tales of the human spirit. Use the printable Diary of Anne Frank activities worksheet and journal writing prompts in this article to encourage students to become lovers of words and writing!