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Blizzard of Numbers Factors and Multiples Game, Grades 6–8

My students have come to love math centers. They call it "game time," but I know it is really a time where they can apply their newly learned math skills. One of the activities in the center focuses...Read more

A Math Icebreaker to Start the Year

It’s a new school year and I’m already looking for new activities to use with my students, so that we can get to know each other and I can observe a little bit about their math skills. Today, I’m...Read more

3 New School Year Activities to Get to Know Your Math Students

As we get started with the new school year, I am always thinking of ways to get to know my math students. Carefully choosing the right new school year activities sends a clear message to our...Read more

Welcome to the Progress in Math Blog

I am so glad that you found this math blog among all the possible sites you might have landed on through the Internet, and I hope you keep with me as I continue to develop the blog. What you will...Read more

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Blizzard of Numbers Factors & Multiples


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