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October 10, 2023 3-5-number-and-operations-in-base-10, 3-5-operations-and-algebraic-thinking, k-2-counting-and-cardinality, k-2-number-and-operations-in-base-10, 3-5-measurement-and-data, k-2-operations-and-algebraic-thinking, 6-8-the-number-system, 6-8-geometry, other-seasonal

13 Free Fall Math Worksheets for Elementary

Seasonal and holiday math activities are always popular with students. The fall math worksheets featured in this article will ensure your students engage in meaningful math exercises while also celebrating autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Download the free Fall-Themed Math Activities Kit to get 13 fall math worksheets!


13 Printable Fall Math Worksheets for Elementary Students

Download the Fall-Themed Math Activities Kit to access seasonal printable activities that will engage students in mathematics. Kit includes:

  • Pumpkin Patch Math Game

  • Halloween 3D Math Fact Coloring Activity

  • Perfect Menu for a Thanksgiving Feast Shopping Activity

  • Thanksgiving-Themed Word Problems

  • Thanksgiving Table-Setting Perimeter Problems Activity

Below, you'll learn about each of the ready-to-go fall math activities in our pdf kit.

Fall Math Worksheets kit

Download Now

Pumpkin Patch Math Game, Grades K–6

With the Pumpkin Patch Math Game students will need to correctly solve equations so they can progress forward on the game board. The goal is to use your fluency skills to make it out of the pumpkin patch!

The fall math activities kit includes the following Pumpkin Patch Math Game boards:

  • Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10
  • Addition and Subtraction 1- & 2- Digit Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction Up to 3-Digit Numbers
  • Multiplication Multi-Digit Numbers

Grab these fall math worksheets now!


Download Now

Halloween 3D Math Fact Coloring Activity, Grades K–6

Practice fluency skills with this fun Halloween 3D Math Fact Coloring Activity. With this fall math worksheet, students will solve math problems and then use the key on the activity sheet to color various sections of their Halloween character. When students have completed their coloring, they will assemble their spooktacular 3D cylinder character to display for all to see. Plus, worksheet is editable so teachers can adjust question sets for students depending on grade level.

Combining math with art is always a win-win! Get this Halloween math worksheet now.

fall-math-worksheets-halloween-math-worksheets-1080x1080 (1)

Download Now

Menu for a Thanksgiving Feast Shopping Activity, Grades 1–5

Thoughts of a Thanksgiving feast can set one’s taste buds to watering. Harness students’ stomachs and attach their memories of Thanksgiving foods to a meaningful budgeting activity. With the Perfect Menu for a Thanksgiving Feast Shopping Activity, students will budget and shop for groceries, arrange their menu items on a place setting, and answer questions about their purchases.

This Thanksgiving math activity is fun AND educational! Download and print now.


Download Now

Thanksgiving-Themed Word Problems, Grades 1–6

One way to connect Thanksgiving with math is to simply create holiday-themed word problems. Here are three ready-to-use worksheets with Thanksgiving-Themed Word Problems for the classroom.

These free Thanksgiving math worksheets can also be used as a jumping-off point to create your own Thanksgiving math word problems. Download them now!


Download Now

Thanksgiving Table-Setting Perimeter Activity, Grades 4–6

With the Thanksgiving Table-Setting Perimeter Problems Activity students are tasked with arranging a variety of table configurations for Thanksgiving dinner! These problems will reinforce the math idea: how many ways can you create rectangle with a given perimeter?

There is a template and and some sample solutions in the download, but all you really need for this activity is some graph paper. Download this Thanksgiving math worksheet now!


Download Now

Bonus Fall Math Activities for Grades 1–6

Fall-Inspired Math STEAM Lesson Plan

This 20–page lesson encourages elementary students to integrate science, math, art, reading, and writing. Whether you are in an area that has beautiful fall foliage or not, you’ll find everything you need in this lesson plan to implement these fun STEAM fall math activities in your classroom. Download it now!


Download Now