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Blog for math teachers. The Sadlier Math Blog is a K-8 resource to support deep comprehension of math skills and concepts.

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Five Math Strategies for Struggling Students

Because I was never a struggling learner in math, at first it was hard for me to understand why students struggled so much. In my journey as a math...

Jeff Todd

3 New School Year Activities to Get to Know Your Math Students

As we get started with the new school year, I am always thinking of ways to get to know my math students. Carefully choosing the right new school year...

Jeff Todd

Fun Ways to Teach Math and Printables to Get You Started

I have always searched for fun ways to teach math. I am a firm believer that putting quality math lessons in front of students helps them enjoy their...

Jeff Todd

FUN Music and Math Lesson Plan for Grades 1–6

Having a degree in music and being a certified math teacher, I’m often asked, “What is the relationship between math and music?” While some of the...

Jeff Todd

Word Problem Strategies for Teachers– Problems with Multiple Solutions in K–6

Whether you are teaching the youngest or oldest of the elementary school population, solving word problems with multiple solutions is a great way to...

Jeff Todd

Subitizing PowerPoint Activities, Grades 1–4

I've used subitizing PowerPoint slides in my class over the years, at every level. This number sense activity uses multiple representations of numbers...

Jeff Todd

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