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Blog for math teachers. The Sadlier Math Blog is a K-8 resource to support deep comprehension of math skills and concepts.

How the Number Line Should Be Used at Each Grade Level to Support Coherence in Mathematics

Using number lines is one of those topics that are often taken for granted in the elementary and middle school curriculum. With the advent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, their...Read more

3 Algebraic Thinking Activities in the Early Grades

Algebra in Grade 1! If you are wondering how to implement algebraic thinking in the early grades, then this post and its downloads will give you some ideas. These activities will help you with the...Read more

How to Use Teddy Bear Counters in the Elementary Math Classroom

Teddy bear counters have become near and dear to many early elementary math educators. Having come from mostly a middle- and high-school teaching background, I first encountered the use of teddy bear...Read more

Connecting Ten Frame Activities to Number Bonds and Number Sentences, K–2

When I visit classrooms, I often see students engaged in wonderful fun activities, but I can’t help noticing that these activities don’t always connect to the math ideas that the teacher is hoping to...Read more

Subitizing PowerPoint Activity, Grades 1–4

The downloadable subitizing PowerPoint slides below are based on a great activity I have used in my class over the years, at every level. Read more

3 Number Bond Activities; Composing and Decomposing Numbers in Grades K–2

In current research and practice for early mathematics education, composing and decomposing numbers is taking on an increasingly import role in developing students’ number sense. The use of number...Read more

Mathematical Vocabulary for the Four Operations in Elementary School

One of the posters that is most helpful to my students in class has been the chart of mathematical vocabulary words used for the different operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and...Read more

Welcome to the Progress in Math Blog

I am so glad that you found this math blog among all the possible sites you might have landed on through the Internet, and I hope you keep with me as I continue to develop the blog. What you will...Read more

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