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How Whole Number Division Fits into the Curriculum

Long division is one of the most difficult tasks for late elementary and middle school students to learn. While many students master it quickly, for others it can be a painful process. Read more

How to Improve Mathematical Discourse in Your Classroom

It has been difficult for me to learn how to stimulate vibrant discussions about mathematics among students. I realized very early in my teaching career that in order to get students engaged...Read more

3 Categories of Knowledge New Math Teachers Need to Be Successful

Helping new teachers acclimate to their positions is one of the primary jobs of mentors. One thing that has been helpful for me in framing my discussions with newer teachers is thinking of what kind...Read more

Coherence in Teaching Mathematics: How Multiplication Fits in the Curriculum

Whether you are a principal, a math supervisor, a math coach, or a classroom teacher, you may wonder how different elements of the math curriculum are connected between and within the grade levels....Read more

Elementary Math Specialist: Knowing the Trajectory of Your Curriculum

Maybe you are a great math teacher, maybe you have great math skills, or maybe you just were lucky, but you have been hired to work as the elementary math specialist at your school! You are excited...Read more

Math Supervisors & Teachers: Establishing Classroom Routines in Using a Marker Board Configuration

As we start off the new school year, I’m thinking about establishing classroom routines for my mathematics students. One thing I like to focus on with my students is a marker board configuration. I...Read more

3 New School Year Activities to Get to Know Your Math Students

As we get started with the new school year, I am always thinking of ways to get to know my math students. Carefully choosing the right new school year activities sends a clear message to our...Read more

Three Ways to Have Fun with Math and Engage Students in the Classroom

I have always searched for ways to have fun with math in my classes. I am a firm believer that putting quality math lessons in front of students helps them enjoy their classes and participate in them...Read more

Welcome to the Progress in Math Blog

I am so glad that you found this math blog among all the possible sites you might have landed on through the Internet, and I hope you keep with me as I continue to develop the blog. What you will...Read more

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4 Tips for Critical Thinking in Your Math Classroom

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