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P3: Partner Problem-Solving Protocol and Graphic Organizer

In this era of increased demands on student reasoning in mathematics, I have been thinking about how to incorporate more student reasoning into my classroom. I came up with the P3: Partner...Read more

How the Number Line Should Be Used at Each Grade Level to Support Coherence in Mathematics

Using number lines is one of those topics that are often taken for granted in the elementary and middle school curriculum. With the advent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, their...Read more

How to Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning with Fact Families At the Middle School Level

I have been seeing the usefulness of teaching fact families at the middle school level. As a result, I have been thinking about how students look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning...Read more

Attend to Precision in the K–8 Classroom: Math Standard 6

Today’s Standard for Mathematical Practice, Attend to Precision, is one of the ones I work with the most in my classroom. Students can engage in some great discussions about precision. Also, when you...Read more

Three Ways to Use Appropriate Tools Strategically (Mathematical Practice 5)

There is a great deal to say about how to use appropriate tools strategically, which is Mathematical Practice 5 from the Common Core State Standards. It is simple to say that this standard is about...Read more

Using the Rule of Four Template to Help Middle School Students Model with Mathematics

Having students model with mathematics has become an increasingly important element of the Common Core State Standards. Mathematical Practice Standard 4, Model with Mathematics, provides some...Read more

Mathematical Practice 3 for Middle School Students: Vocabulary to Construct Viable Arguments and Critique the Reasoning of Others

We are looking at Mathematical Practice 3 today as a part of a series of blog posts on using the Standards for Mathematical Practice at the middle school level. Mathematical Practice 3 asks students...Read more

3 Ways to Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively in the Middle School Classroom

In this post I will share several ways that you can use Mathematical Practice 2 in your classroom. For me, this practice was one of the more confusing ones when I first tried to understand it. I hope...Read more

How to Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them, K–8

Making sense of problems and persevering in them is Mathematical Practice 1, a part of the Common Core Mathematical Practices. This post covers this standard and how it can be simplified for grades...Read more

Two Ways You Can Begin to Implement the Math Practice Standards

The eight Standards for Mathematical Practice, often called the math practice standards, are part of the Common Core. Don’t get confused as they are referred to in so many ways: the math practices,...Read more

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Student-Friendly Language for Math Practice 1


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