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May 30, 2019 k-2-measurement-and-data, 3-5-measurement-and-data

Quiz Quiz Trade Template: Measurement and Data, Grades 1–3

Promote cooperative learning in your elementary math classroom with Quiz Quiz Trade! In this article, you’ll learn how to use my printable Quiz Quiz Trade Card Sets (92 cards in total) with students in Grades 1–3 to review various measurement and data topics. Plus, you can download the 92 Quiz Quiz Trade  template for FREE!


Quiz Quiz Trade Cooperative Learning Activities

Quiz Quiz Trade has become a really popular cooperative learning activity in my school. This past year we have been working with a professional development leader in math to implement new strategies and activities that are fun and, at the same time, academically engaging for students. Several of our teachers have longer (90-minute) daily math blocks, so they need to vary their lesson activities through the period to ensure students stay focused. Quiz Quiz Trade is one of the cooperative learning activities we've implemented in our math blocks this year to quickly and effectively review concepts, while also fostering social learning experiences.

I've found Quiz Quiz Trade is a great way to get students up and moving around the room while engaging in meaningful math exercises. If you haven’t used Quiz Quiz Trade, it is a very easy routine to teach students.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Give each student a Quiz Quiz Trade Card with the answer on the back. Allow students a couple minutes to familiarize themselves with the question on their card.
  2. Students then stand up and find a partner.
  3. Each partner “quizzes” the other about the question on his or her card. For example, Student 1 will ask/show their partner, Student 2, the question on his or her card. If Student 2 is able to answer the question, Student 1 should check the answer on the back of their card and let their partner know if the answer is correct. If Student 2 gives the correct answer, Student 1 should praise their partner! If Student 2 gives a wrong answer, Student 1 should offer assistance in working through the problem again and provide positive feedback. The process then repeats itself with Student 2 asking Student 1 the question on his or her card.
  4. The two students then switch Quiz Quiz Trade Cards and find a new partner.

Note: This process can be repeated for as many rounds as you need.

Quiz Quiz Trade Template - Measurement and Data

New Call-to-Action

Math Quiz Quiz Trade Cards PDF

To implement this activity in your classroom, download and print (double sided) the Quiz Quiz Trade Card Sets I’ve created for students in Grades 1 to 3. You just need to cut them in half, and you can use them right away in your class. If you want the cards to last, you can run them through your laminator so they will be good throughout from year to year.

When you download the printable Quiz Quiz Trade Card Sets you will get three different card sets that focus on various measurement and data topics. The early grades measurement and data topics included in these card sets are

  • Shorter
  • Longer
  • Wider
  • Narrower
  • More or fewer of an object
  • Telling time
  • Reading pictograms
  • Measuring heights
  • Ordering by length
  • Value of coins
  • Reading bar graphs


New Call-to-Action

More specifically...

Card Set 1: Coin combinations, telling time, reading bar graphs, and reading column graphs

Card Set 2: Comparing and length, width, and height

Card Set 3: Pictographs with three or four categories presented in column and row formats

Our professional development specialist has stressed that the goal of Quiz Quiz Trade Card Sets should not just be to include questions with simple answers, but to have problems that focus on the process. I have incorporated this in Card Set 1 by asking “how do you…” questions rather than just having students find an answer. This way, we are tapping into higher-order thinking even at the lower grade levels.

One of the great things about my Quiz Quiz Trade Card Sets is that the answer for each question is on the back of the card. That way, if a student doesn’t know the answer to a question, the other student can provide hints or go over the answer.

In Summary

Quiz Quiz Trade is a cooperative learning activity that gets students working together to review concepts, participate in thoughtful discussions, collaborate, and problem solve! Download my Quiz Quiz Trade Card Sets  that focus on various measurement and data topics.