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February 5, 2018

15+ FREE Resources for Lent You Will Love

Lent is a season of simple living. As the entire Church prepares for the great celebration of Christ’s Paschal Mystery in the Easter Triduum, Catholics make special efforts to pray, do penance, and do good works. Every day of the forty-day Lenten season is an opportunity to live simply and prepare for Easter.

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February 1, 2018

2018 Lenten Ideas for Parishes and Schools

Ash Wednesday for some is like a religious New Year’s. It’s the kick-off for Lenten resolutions that begin with great fervor and dim as the six weeks of the season drag on. I recall my own experience of giving something up for Lent. What seemed pretty courageous in the beginning – sacrificing chocolate, for example – turned into drudgery and then resentment by Holy Week. Binging on Easter candy took the meaning of the festival season that follows Lent a little too literally.

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WBAS Seasonal Lent

March 15, 2017

How to Enhance Your Lenten Practices So They're More Meaningful

“Lent is a time of spring cleaning through intensifying our prayer life, fasting from food or bad habits, and performing acts of charity and justice.”

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WBAS Seasonal Lent

February 22, 2017

A Printable Reflection and Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday, a day of prayer and fasting, marks the beginning of Lent. I often marvel at how many people are drawn to services on Ash Wednesday. After all, it's not a holy day of obligation and it falls smack in the middle of the week. I once discussed this with a pastor who noted how everyone who showed up left with something, no matter their status in or outside the Church. Leaving with a smudge of black on the forehead holds deep resonance for many, many people.

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March 15, 2016

Catholic Reflections: Forgive to Forget

“Forgive and forget.” Anyone who has labored with a massive load of hurt and injury understand how difficult this advice is. How does one forget sustained abuse, genocide, or the denial of one’s very humanity? Survivors of the Nazi holocaust counsel against forgetting, lest we humans engage in something equally as horrific. 

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February 17, 2016

Lent and the Year of Mercy

Welcome to our guest blogger, Carole Eipers, National Catechetical Advisor for Sadlier. Carole will be speaking at the NCEA Convention and Expo in San Diego. If you are attending the convention stop by the Sadlier exhibit to meet Carole.

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WBAS Seasonal Lent, WBAS Topics Prayer

February 11, 2016

Soul-Nourishing Practices for Lent

As a child I learned to “give something up” for Lent. My meager efforts at abstaining from candy or from teasing my little brother pale in comparison to the regimen of a forty-day desert fast. As a spiritual tradition, fasting goes back millennia. Jesus, in embarking on his wilderness experience, was following the practice set by his ancestors. It was a form of purification.

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WBAS Seasonal Lent

February 10, 2016

Stations of the Cross Meditations

The origins of the Stations of the Cross stretch back to the Crusades when, as a result of the conquering of the Holy Land, Christians began making pilgrimages to the sacred sites where Jesus lived, suffered, died, and rose from the dead. When travel to these places became either impractical or undoable, due to the recapturing of Jerusalem by the Muslims, the practice of walking the Stations of the Cross took hold. Today, churches, monasteries, and retreat centers have various ways of depicting the Stations through paintings, sculpture, or stained glass.

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WBAS Seasonal Lent, WBAS Cat Prayers & Reflections

March 2, 2015

Prayer of the Week: Stations of the Cross Reflections

The Stations of the Cross are one of many spiritual practices that we can undertake as a way to make our way through Lent. Use these reflections cards with your family or class!

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WBAS Prayer of the Week, WBAS Seasonal Lent

February 25, 2015

Lenten Retreat

Julie Penrose Center. Sacred Heart Retreat House. Benet Pines. Franciscan Center. These are four places where I have gone over the years to retreat from routines and regimens and to recharge my soul. All were a short drive from my home so I have been extraordinarily blessed to have access to them. Because of my experiences with retreats – both as a participant and as a director/facilitator – I can never understand why catechists, teachers, pastoral leaders, parents, and others choose to bypass invitations by diocesan offices or parishes to take time for an hour, a day, or a weekend of reflection and prayer. The benefits outweigh any reasons to remain entrenched in busyness.

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WBAS Seasonal Lent, WBAS Topics Prayer


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