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Discover Catechesis that Catches Up with Our Lives

Welcome to the future of Catechesis. Introducing Christ In Us the new K–6 blended learning catechetical program that transforms the experience of religious education in parishes. With Christ In Us, you will experience:

  • Embedded formation that forms catechists before and after each unit and lesson.
  • Responsive lesson-planning tools that are flexible so catechists can prep anywhere at any time.
  • Digital resources provide choices to customize the experience for directors, catechists, families, and students.
  • A robust digital portfolio supports creativity and witness with innovative tasks that challenge disciples to transfer what they've learned to their own lives.
  • Meaningful assessments and assignments monitor program participation and ensure accountability.
  • Adapting the lesson for inclusion features offer point of-use options to make each experience equitable for children with special needs.
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