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About Vocab Gal

Sarah Ressler-WrightThe Vocab Gal (also known as Ms. Ressler to her students), has been teaching high school English for the last twelve years. She loves inspiring her students to get as exhilarated about vocabulary as she is, and relishes the moment when a teenager says “I heard/saw/read a vocab word and got really excited!”

She has wheedled her way into NCTE, IRA and OCTELA conference presentations and sedulously struggled to successfully earn her National Board Certification in 2006. Despite her propensity to question on a weekly basis her effectiveness as a teacher, she was graciously given the Ohio English Teacher of the Year award for 2010. She does adjunct work as a vocabulary consultant for Sadlier Oxford and is thrilled to have cajoled them into letting her blog about her successes as an English teacher (and hopefully get awesome ideas back from her readers).

More about Sarah...

When not interrupting conversations to congratulate the speaker for his/her use of erudite language (her friends have adapted), the Vocab Gal listens to audiobooks, peruses funny blogs and tries not to avoid grading for too long.