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English Language Arts for Florida Students

Sadlier’s all new English Language Arts programs offer options for supplemental instruction and assessment preparation. Progress supports the Instructional Shifts in ELA while students develop key skills through an integrated literacy approach. Try Let’s Target Comprehension for quick extra practice of essential LAFS skills for Comprehension, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

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Teaching Writing in the Context of Common Core State Standards eBook

The purpose of writing instruction is to help students become competent, confident writers in school, work settings and throughout life. In the Teaching Writing in the Context of Common Core State Standards eBook, Dr. Chin outlines five strategies teachers can use to help students become better writers and meet the expectations of the CCSS.


Activate Prior Knowledge Lesson Plans

Activating prior knowledge gives students the confidence to independently read and comprehend a text. Download two lesson plans you can use with your third - and fourth - grade students to learn or review the strategy of activating prior knowledge.