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Letting Our Catholic Faith Inspire Us To Console Families Who Suffer

“All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” -Leo Tolstoy  As I entered the church that day, I knew the funeral would be sad. I was unprepared,...Read more

The Freedom of Limitations

It has been over thirty years since my husband, Ron, ran his first Pikes Peak Ascent – a race to the top of a 14,000-foot mountain. At the time, the Olympic games were playing themselves out on...Read more

Flowers for the Blessed Mother

What do you think the following flowers have in common: rose, thistle, violet, marigold, carnation, lily, and forget-me-not? Each one has a legend that associates the flower with the Blessed Mother....Read more

Family Spirituality: What Makes a Marriage?

Every morning my husband, Ron, leaves a piece of dark chocolate by my computer. I savor its bitter-sweetness in small bites throughout the day. Recently Ron went on a week-long camping trip and,...Read more

January Psalm Reflections

My mother used to wait to take the Christmas tree down once my siblings and I were back in school because she thought it would make us sad. In truth, she was the one who mourned the passing of the...Read more

Closing the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Just over a year ago, I wrote a blog about the Jubilee Year of Mercy. It included an explanation of the opening of the Holy Door in the Vatican and in basilicas around the world. Now those great...Read more

Free Thanksgiving Prayers & Reflections for Catholic Families

As families gather to share a meal and express gratitude for their many blessings this Thanksgiving, they have the opportunity to pray. With these prayers of thanksgiving, printable activities, and...Read more

Living as Faithful Citizens: Download a Prayer for the Election

I wish I knew how to contact Mrs. Andrews. I would love to send her a much-belated thank-you the Civics class she taught when I was a junior in high school. In addition to learning about the...Read more

Growing Gracefully

When I grow up, I want to be like Aunt Julia. After a brief visit with her in Orlando this past weekend, I feel warmed by her spirit, her easy laugh, and her generous heart. As the only surviving...Read more

Making Time for Friendship

Paul Simon, in one of his early songs, described old friends as “bookends.” The image didn’t mean much to me until this past weekend when I drove to Taos, New Mexico, to reunite with two friends from...Read more

Cultivating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

“What if this year we were to let the Holy Spirit turn us into people of overflowing fullness?” Brother Roger of Taizé Read more

The Joy of Summer

“…The important thing is not to think much, but to love much…” Teresa of Avila Read more

Getting Ready for a Summer Catechetical Program

I once visited a church that was getting ready for a summer catechetical program. The air of excitement was palpable as volunteers bustled around getting classrooms ready for the two-week event. The...Read more

School’s Out– This Summer Reconnect with God's Creation

Yesterday I set up an “anti-gravity” chair on our deck. It reminds me of patio furniture from my childhood that my parents referred to as “bar-wise chairs.” I have no idea what that meant, but I do...Read more

Summertime Resources for Catholic Catechists & Families

The printable resources below can be used throughout the summer months to revitalize faith with an open and adventurous spirit! Read more

Celebrate Father's Day with a Reflection on the Our Father

For years I have been getting up early to accompany Ron to his races. When our children were small, this entailed bundling them into the car and driving off, sometimes before dawn, to make it to the...Read more

Spiritual Practices: Keeping a Gratitude Journal

“What a grueling two days it’s been… Can I even give thanks for the pain and struggle?” Even now, almost twenty years after writing those words, the difficulty of that time comes back to me. It felt...Read more

Spiritual Practices: Visio Divina

A few months ago, our children gave Ron and me a weekend at the beautiful Broadmoor hotel. Located at the base of the foothills in Colorado Springs, this five-star resort is a little paradise on...Read more

Lectio Divina Catholic Practice; The Spiritual Art of Sacred Listening

“For haphazard reading, constantly varied and as if lighted on by chance does not edify but makes the mind unstable; taken into the memory lightly, it goes out from it even more lightly.” ~ William...Read more

The Importance of Catholic Signs and Symbols in the Home

Welcome to our guest blogger, John Collins. John is a National Religion Consultant for Sadlier and a popular speaker at conferences and workshops around the country. He and I will be presenting...Read more

Spirituality Practice: Keeping a Journal

I have been journaling for a long time – since 5th grade, in fact. My best friend, Stephanie, and I were each given little diaries with those flimsy little locks. It amuses me now to think of anyone...Read more

Practicing Spirituality– Download a Spiritual Practices List to Get Started

“You haven’t practiced, have you?” I can still hear Mrs. Baumann’s stern voice, calling me to task for showing up unprepared for my weekly piano lesson. After reprimanding me for wasting her time and...Read more

The Human Search for Meaning

Welcome to our guest blogger, Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP. The following article is an excerpt from a presentation she will be giving at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress on February 28, 2016. Read more

Holding the Doors of Mercy Open

As the New Year dawns, I’m expecting an uptick in new members at our local fitness center - those making resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. The intention is good; keeping up the motivation...Read more

World Day of Peace

It was the song that always ended our concerts, sometimes as an encore after receiving a rousing response from our parents and classmates. To this day I associate “Let There Be Peace on Earth” with...Read more

The Hope of Christmas

It hasn’t been an easy Advent in which to hope. As the shadow of the bombings in Beirut and Paris continued to hover over us, the shootings in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino reminded us that...Read more

Prayer for Setting Up the Crèche

Setting up the crèche is a beloved tradition in both homes and parishes. I have seen a number of beautiful Nativity sets over the years. Many of them reflect cultural traditions and customs, thus...Read more

How Mercy and Love Can Heal Our Wounded World

After learning the news about the horrific terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris, I could distinctly hear my grandmother’s voice. “Have mercy!” she used to exclaim when presented with some kind of...Read more

Celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy

“I have decided to announce an Extraordinary Jubilee which has at its centre the mercy of God. It will be a Holy Year of Mercy. We want to live in the light of the word of the Lord: ‘Be merciful,...Read more

Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

The recent canonization of Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of Saint Therese of Lisieux, is an extraordinary event. It is the first time the Church has bestowed sainthood on a married couple within...Read more

Family Faith: Home as the Domestic Church

You can tell a lot about a family by looking at their refrigerator door. Photos tell stories about relationships and rituals. Schedules and appointment reminders highlight favorite activities and...Read more

The World Meeting of Families: Afterthoughts

“Here comes everybody.” This is how James Joyce described the Catholic Church in his book, Finnegan’s Wake. It’s a perfect way to describe the scene at the World Meeting of Families last week. The...Read more

How My Family Plans to Take Action After Pope Francis' Visit to Philadelphia

Hard to believe it’s been a week since the start of the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) Congress, and two days since Pope Francis set Philadelphia on fire. And less than a day since we’ve been back...Read more

Takeaways from World Meeting of Families: Waste Time on Your Kids & Stress Less

The World Meeting of Families (WMOF) wrapped up today in Philadelphia, and our first reaction is, "Wow." Read more

The Devlin Family's Day Two Reflections from the World Meeting of Families

On the drive to the hotel last night, we were talking about how for three days, we've only seen one person from our corner of the world, but thousands from every other corner.  Read more

A Rocky Start & Prayerful Reflections of the First Full Day of WMOF

The first full day of the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) got off to a rocky start for the Devlins. Read more

The Devlin Family at Opening Day of the World Meeting of Families

“With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another through love.” Ephesians 4:2 When you bring thousands of people together from more than 100 countries to register for an...Read more

The Devlin Family Travels to the World Meeting of Families

Guest Blogger, Jim Devlin, Sadlier’s educational consultant for Ohio and Kentucky, is attending the World Meeting of Families this week with his wife and three of their nine children. He’s joining We...Read more

Going Popeing at the World Meeting of Families

Guest Blogger, Jim Devlin, Sadlier’s educational consultant for Ohio and Kentucky, is attending the World Meeting of Families this week with his wife and three of their nine children. He’s joining We...Read more

Join Sadlier at the World Meeting of Families

I am sharing this blog space all week with Jim Devlin, Sadlier’s educational consultant for Ohio and Kentucky. Jim is attending the World Meeting of Families this week with his wife, Maggie, and...Read more

Looking Ahead to the World Meeting of Families

It’s been close to a year since I received the invitation from Archbishop Chaput to be a speaker at the World Meeting of Families. I was, of course, thrilled and honored to be asked. At the time it...Read more

Making a Spiritual Retreat

“Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” Mark 6:31 I remember my first spiritual retreat vividly. After taking a year off from college I was ready to return with renewed...Read more

Caring for Our Common Home: Pope Francis and the Environment

“We were not meant to be inundated by cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived of physical contact with nature.” Laudoto Si, 44 Read more

Stewards of God's Creation

Catholic Social Teaching, which calls us to work for justice and peace as Jesus did, includes care for God's creation as one of its seven themes. Responding to this call means becoming stewards of...Read more

Mountaintop Spirituality

There is nothing like a trip into the Colorado Rockies to clear the mind. My husband, Ron, ran a half marathon in Vail this past weekend, and I went along as his companion and cheerleader. This is...Read more

Summertime Spirituality

Ron and I just returned from a long weekend in southwestern Colorado. After two delightful days with our daughter, Anna, at her home in Durango, we drove home over spectacular mountain passes and...Read more

Travel through Each Day of Life with Jesus

For the past several weeks I feel like I have been in the middle of the American version of the film “If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium.” My travel schedule has been more intense and extended than...Read more

Prayer of the Week: Blessing for a Mother's Voice

With Mother's Day approaching, I thought to make my prayer of the week one that can be gifted to mothers for their own personal prayer. Last week I spent time reading through my old blog posts on...Read more

Special Needs Families

When our daughter, Jenny, was born, Ron and I had never heard of the term “special needs”. Nor did we understand what Down Syndrome meant. We only knew our daughter would require an extra bit of TLC...Read more

The Gift of Grandparents

I wish I had listened more to my grandmother. She died when I was nineteen and she was well into her nineties. By then she had ceased most of her storytelling and was content just to sit quietly,...Read more


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