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Sadlier Religion Blog

Meaningful Technology Integration for Catholic Faith Formation

Digital technology for communication and catechesis has never been more important. When many Catholic faith formation programs have been put on hold for the foreseeable...
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Faith through the Eyes of the Autism Spectrum

According to a March 2023 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every 36 children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum...
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Communication Tips for Parish Catechetical Leaders

Directors of Religious Education are entrusted by their parish with the task of overseeing the formation of the next generation of Catholics. Busy parish catechetical leaders...
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Accompanying Catholic Kids in a Digital World: The Driver’s Ed Model

During the third week in October, attention will turn to Digital Citizenship Week. Catholic schools and parishes can help students go beyond digital citizenship to digital...
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Remote Teaching and Distance Learning in Catechesis

Once considered futuristic, distance learning in catechesis is suddenly the new minimum operating standard. In the last several months, parishes all over the country have had...
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Ideas to Support Encountering Christ in Catholic Faith Formation

We all know that the purpose of catechesis is to help introduce students to the person of Jesus Christ, and then, help invite them into relationship with him, and...
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Embracing Digital Catechesis In Catholic Faith Formation

In this post, Steve Botsford, Sadlier’s Senior Director of Digital Catechesis, tackles the challenges we face in catechizing today’s kids and shares the importance of digital...
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Encouraging Holiness with Catholic Saints

All of the saints were incredible models for holiness. With All Saints Day just around the corner, directors and catechists have a wonderful opportunity to encourage students...
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Service: The Gateway to Millennial Conversion

Research shows that beginning with the millennial generation there is a substantially higher interest in social justice and service than generations before them. Given the...
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Kerygma, Catechesis, and Hispanic Spirituality

In this article, guest blogger Javier Castillo, OLF, introduces the theme of his webinar, Kerygma, Catechesis and Hispanic Spirituality, which explores how kerygma and...
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The V Encuentro and Latino Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Catechesis: What is next?

In his August 15th webinar, Walter Francisco Mena shared some of the V Encuentro findings and also some pastoral thoughts and ways that we as a Church can support and...
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Flipping Catechesis: 3 Simple Strategies for Flipping Faith Formation

Sadlier's Director of Digital Catechesis, Steve Botsford, MBA, MRE, shares how Flipped Catechesis can address three serious challenges facing today's catechist. Plus, learn...
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The Common Catholic Evangelizer

Sadlier Religion Consultant, Carole Eipers, writes about the meaning and importance of evangelization. Carole’s newest book, Everyday Evangelization, will be published by...
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Digital Technology in Catechetical Ministry – Guide for Catechetical and School Leaders

In this article, Steve Botsford, offers a look at the benefits and challenges of digital technology and its application to catechesis and religious formation. Download...
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The Catechism of the Church Was My First Introduction to God

Sadlier Religion Consultant and guest blogger, Sister Maureen Sullivan, reflects on the meaning of the catechism in her own life.
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Catechetical Ministry: Claiming Our Roots

Sadlier Religion Consultant and guest blogger, Carole Eipers, reflects her personal history with catechesis and how it affected her work on a presentation called “The History...
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Not just words: Life!

Welcome to our guest blogger, Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP. The following article is an excerpt from a presentation she will be giving at the National Conference of Catechetical...
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The Importance of Catholic Signs and Symbols in the Home

Welcome to our guest blogger, John Collins. John is a National Religion Consultant for Sadlier and a popular speaker at conferences and workshops around the country. He and I...
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Takeaways from World Meeting of Families: Waste Time on Your Kids & Stress Less

The World Meeting of Families (WMOF) wrapped up today in Philadelphia, and our first reaction is, "Wow." It's been an overwhelming four days of workshops, keynotes,...
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