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teacher and classroomMaking Thinking Visible with "Thinking Routines"

“Thinking routines” are an excellent way to help students deepen their comprehension. Learn how to implement the "thinking routines" from the book, Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding and Independence for All Learners into classroom curriculum... Continue Reading

vocab gal

Power Word of the Week: Talisman

Vocabulary development is a vital component of learning across all subject areas. It doesn't matter if a student is learning a new grammar rule or basic math formula, word knowledge will impact...Read more

Core Grammar

How to Build a School Writing Community Around Shared Values–A FREE Step-by-Step Guide

In my post "Writing Communities in Schools: School-wide Literacy Action Plans," I wrote that shared value systems must be one of the first elements in place when constructing a writing community....Read more


How to Use a Picture Book Across Subject Areas to Deepen Learning

Most school districts are pushing to have a topic that is covered across the curriculum. When you are able to work on a topic in reading, writing, math, science, or social studies, that concept often...Read more

progress in math

A Guide to Using Teddy Bear Counters in Math– FREE Picture Graph Worksheet Included

Teddy bear counters have become near and dear to early elementary math education. Having come from mostly a middle- and high-school background, I first encountered teddy bear counters in an early...Read more

Vocabl Gal

Vocabulary Assessment and Inventory Worksheets (Grades 3–12)

Without knowing how many words your students already know, and to what extent they understand them, moving forward in your lessons can be difficult. These two worksheets will facilitate traditional vocabulary assessment and academic vocabulary assessment... Continue Reading


Setting Up Classroom Writing Centers in the Upper Grade Levels

There are a number of benefits to implementing writing centers in the upper grade levels. Classroom writing centers provide teachers and students opportunities to engage fully in the writing process... Continue Reading


First Day of School Icebreakers for the K–5 Classroom

In the more than 15 years that I’ve been teaching, I have tried many different first day of school icebreakers to help calm student nerves and to ease the transition to a new grade, new teacher, and new classmates. Here are a few of my favorite first day of school icebreakers to get the year started on a positive note...Continue Reading

progress in math
Subitizing PowerPoint Activity, Grades 1–4

The downloadable subitizing PowerPoint slides below are based on a great activity I have used in my class over the years, at every level... Continue Reading


Top 5 SAT & ACT Test Tips,
Grades 9–12

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