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Blended Learning for Catechesis: A Guide to Getting Started

A blended approach can support and enhance catechetical efforts in school, parish and home settings. Are you ready to implement a blended learning model...

Allie Johnston

Making Inclusion Work in Your Religious Education Program

All children are God's children and whatever their strengths, needs, or disabilities, we must make it clear to them and to their families that they belong...

Allie Johnston

Digital Technology in Catechetical Ministry – Guide for Catechetical and School Leaders

In this article, Steve Botsford, offers a look at the benefits and challenges of digital technology and its application to catechesis and religious...

Guest Blogger

How To: Flipped Classroom Religious Education Model

In this article we'll explore how the flipped classroom approach may benefit families and children in your school's or parish's education program,...

Allie Johnston

How To Connect Social Media and Religion to Impact Your Catechesis

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Snap Chat. Vine. If you are parenting or teaching children in junior high or high school, chances are they may be...

Allie Johnston

Ten Ways Technology Can Enhance Religious Education

If you’ve subscribed to this blog, congratulations! You already know the value of technology for your religious education program. Whether your school or...

Allie Johnston

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