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Hail Mary
Ave María

Celebrate Mary, Mother of God, during the
month of May with bilingual resources.

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Hearts of Justice: Forming Children Who Reach Out in Love to the World

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We Believe Blog

Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

World Day of Prayer for Vocations; How to Discern and Support Vocation

The World Day of Prayer for Vocations is Saturday, May 7, 2017. This year marks the 54th Anniversary of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  The World Day of Prayer for Vocations...Continue Reading

We Believe
and Share Blog

Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

A Memorial Day Reflection

When my husband and I set off on a cross-country trip four years ago, we knew we would visit numerous historical sites. We did not think so many of them would include graveyards. On our...Continue Reading

Creemos y
Compartimos Blog

Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

Celebración de la Eucaristía

El mes pasado tomé un curso sobre la Eucaristía. Qué sorpresa, me di cuenta de cuánto me he perdido de la celebración de tan increíble sacramento. Muchas veces estamos en la misa pero no...Seguir Leyendo

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