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Upcoming Webinars

3/14/17 Creative Curriculum Development

Presented by Shannon Chisholm, MA on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

Sadlier and NCCL invite parish catechetical leaders and catechists to join Shannon Chisholm’s webinar to discover new and innovative ways to engage their students.

3/16/17 The Order of Confirmation: Taking a Second Look at the Meaning and Message of the Sacrament of Confirmation

Presented by Dr. Donna Eschenauer, PhD on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

In this engaging webinar presented by Dr. Donna Eschenauer, PhD, coordinators and catechists will discover many practical tips for strengthening their understanding of Confirmation as a journey, not a destination.

3/21/17 Liturgical Catechesis and Encountering God: Ritual Forming Sacramental Preparation

Presented by Tom Kendiza on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

“Good celebrations foster and nourish faith.” (Music in Catholic Workshop #6)

Join Tom Kendzia to discover how the use of “good liturgy” can create a setting for an encounter with God through simple, yet well-planned ritual experiences.

4/3/17 Experience Sacrament Preparation with a New App

Presented by Scott Kasch on April 3, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

Combining ritual with the latest technology, powerful video clips, and engaging music, Sadlier’s new sacramental preparation program is a whole new experience! Join Scott as he shares what all the excitement is about!

4/4/17 21st Century Evangelization: Igniting the Catholic Imagination of the School Community

Robert Rabe, MDiv on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. EDT

Join Robert Rabe to learn practical ways to capture the sacramental imagination of students through authentic religious instruction, cross-curricular learning, and virtue development. Administrators and teachers will garner a variety of programmatic and pedagogical practices that have proven effective in igniting the Catholic imagination of the school community.

4/11/17 Teaching for Discipleship: The Call, The Challenge, The Difference

Presented by Mike Carotta, PhD on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 4 p.m. EDT

Now is the time to emphasize the call of discipleship! Join Mike Carotta in a Sadlier/NCCL webinar as he addresses the challenges involved in making what the Church calls “necessary adaptations” dynamics that distinguish Teaching for Discipleship from our past approaches and practices that can help us all keep heart.

5/16/17 Hearts of Justice: Forming Children Who Reach Out in Love to the World

Presented by Kristin Witte, DMin on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

Join Kristin Witte, DMin, as she presents developmentally appropriate ways to aid children in responding to the church’s call to protect life and serve vulnerable people both locally and globally. You’ll discover practical and easy-to-implement tools that can be used for integration of both justice and service.

6/14/17 Be an Evangelizing Catechist/Teacher

Presented by Tom Quinlan on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

In this unique presentation, Tom Quinlan provides practical tips for being an evangelizing catechist/teacher and simple ways to grow spiritually in the summer or any time.

On-Demand Webinars

6 Tasks Series: CELEBRATE: Celebrating Our Journey of Faith

Learn how catechesis promotes a knowledge of the meaning of the liturgy and the sacraments. Sister Janet Schaeffler, OP looks at the many ways we, as catechists and teachers, enable our learners to participate more fully, helping them experience the prayers, gestures, rituals, signs, and symbols that celebrate God's love and Christ's presence among us.

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6 Tasks Series: CHOOSE: The Call to Moral Living

Learn how catechists promote moral formation in Jesus. Sister Maureen Sullivan, OP explains how our moral formation includes the message of Jesus, the content of faith, and implications for Christian life, and the process of transformation and witness.

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6 Tasks Series: LEARN: Finding a Language That Gives Life

Learn how catechesis promotes knowledge of the faith. Sister Maureen Sullivan helps us learn to accept an invitation to know God, answer the call to promote the knowledge of faith, and understand this as our conversion and commitment.

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6 Tasks Series: LIVE: Sharing in the Mission of the Church

Learn how catechesis promotes a missionary spirit that prepares the faithful to be present as Christians in society. John Collins asks us to rethink our roles as catechists/teachers in light of the missionary spirit and evangelization and how we actively participate in the mission of the Church—the larger faith community.

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6 Tasks Series: PRAY: The Background to All Our Days

Learn how catechesis teaches us how to pray with Jesus Christ. Sister Janet Schaeffler talks about the awesome responsibility we have as catechists and teachers to help children/youth form a life of vibrant prayer and ever-developing relationship with God.

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6 Tasks Series: SHARE: Participating in the Life of the Church

Learn how catechesis prepares us to live in a community and to participate actively in the life and mission of the Church. John Collins suggests ways that we, as catechists and teachers, help students know and appreciate their Catholic identity so they can participate actively in the life of the church.

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10 Ways That Technology Can Improve Your Religious Education Session

Religious Education has yet to catch up with the ubiquitousness of technology. In this workshop, we will discuss the 10 ways media can enhance our Religious Education sessions—each one with a practical application that can be implemented today! In the end, we will see that technology/media is the real "New Evangelization."

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The Baptismal Catechumenal Model

The General Directory for Catechesis (#59) calls the baptismal catechumenal the "model for all catechesis." Learn about the history of the baptismal catechumenate and how this model can inform and transform your adult faith formation efforts. (This presentation is co-sponsored by Sadlier and the National Conference for Catechetical Leaders.)

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Building a Church of Mercy

Using storytelling and theological interpretation, Matthew Halbach, PhD shares Pope Francis’ vision of a more merciful church—the field hospital and open door for people on the margins of faith and society. Watch this presentation where he develops a working definition of mercy informed by Scripture, Tradition, and Pope Francis’ own words. He also propose attitudes and actions for building a more merciful church in a way of spiritual accompaniment—a term and reality Francis views as vital to the New Evangelization

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Catechesis in the Digital Age: Bridging the Gap with the Theology of Communication

Consider our digital culture beyond the latest technologies. In this webinar, Daniella Zsupan-Jerome will lead us in an exploration of theological foundations for the ministry of catechesis in the digital age.

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Celebrating 50 years of Dei Verbum during National Bible Week

In preparation for National Bible Week, watch Michael Howard dig deeper into the word of God using Dei Verbum, The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (DV). Reflecting on a popular chapter from the book of Isaiah, participants will seek the Lord not only through God’s revelatory word, but also through DV.

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Come and See Sacrament Preparation in a Whole New Light!

Watch this presentation of Believe • Celebrate • Live, Sadlier Religion’s new immediate preparation program for Eucharist and Reconciliation. This all-new approach to sacrament preparation engages catechists, parents, children, and the whole community through a Lectio and Viso Divina approach to Scripture, liturgical catechesis, and fully integrated multimedia.

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Connecting to The Holy Year of Mercy Using We Believe & We Live Our Faith

As we anticipate the opening of the Holy Doors, marking the beginning of the Holy Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis, John Collins shares how you can keep the theme alive using We Believe & We Live Our Faith.

Download a correlation showing how the theme of mercy is highlighted in specific We Believe and We Live Our Faith lessons and content.

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Encountering God’s Mercy: First Reconciliation Prep as a Family Conversion Opportunity

To know Jesus is to experience unconditional love and mercy. In this reflective catechetical leadership session, we connect themes of Catholic faith and family that invite parents to conversion in Christ and help them bring their children to the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.

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Engaging Parents in the Life of the Parish

Get parents interested and involved in the faith formation of their children and in the catechetical life of the parish. Learn ways catechists can support the efforts of parents to enkindle the light of faith in their children within the home.

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Experience Sacrament Preparation with a New App

Children today experience the world through audio and video. That’s why engaging, original music and powerful video clips are an integral part of Sadlier’s new sacramental preparation program, Believe • Celebrate • Live. And you can experience them in an innovative App.

Scott Kasch presents the program’s technology combined with ritual. It's an experience that will soon have you seeing sacrament preparation in a whole new light!

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Five Ways to Teach As Jesus Taught

Jesus was the greatest mystagogue of all time. Learn how this simple country carpenter became one of the greatest teachers in the world, and how we can use his powerful teaching method in classrooms and faith formation processes in five easy steps.

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Growing in Faith: It’s Not for Children Only

Sr. Janet Schaeffler discusses practical and realistic ways to invite, engage, and inspire parents to continue their faith development amidst their busy schedules. In your ministry with families and parents, you can help them recognize when faith development already occurs in their lives and help them explore other energizing possibilities.

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Learn: Finding a Language That Gives Life

Learn how catechesis promotes knowledge of the faith. Sister Maureen Sullivan helps us learn to accept an invitation to know God, answer the call to promote the knowledge of faith, and understand this as our conversion and commitment.

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Catholic Social Teaching and Your Parish Catechetical Program

Explore the major themes of Catholic Social Teaching and learn how to incorporate these themes into your catechetical program with a general overview, reflections on the importance of social teaching in catechetics, and practical suggestions.

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Let the Children Come: The What, Why, and How of Children's Catechesis

Catechesis for children follows the model set by Jesus. It is warm and welcoming, active and engaging, prayerful and oriented towards justice and compassion. Examine the essential elements of catechesis and the rationale behind them, along with strategies for creating an artful, empowering and inspiring environment in which to draw children together to learn, practice, and express their faith.

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The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation Teaching and Celebrating the Gift of Christ’s Peace

In every age, the followers of Jesus have recognized the need for mercy and forgiveness. The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation offers the healing and peace that the world cannot give. Explore ways to reawaken in Catholics today the value and importance of the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, to prepare children for this sacrament and to stir the hearts of believers and nurture mature discipleship in today's culture. 

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Think Diversity, Not Disability!

Gain strategies and resources to successfully include diverse learners in faith formation, especially individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental delays. This webinar is for anyone interested in learning best practices that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in the full life of the Church.

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Using Creemos as an Effective Tool for Discipleship

The goal of catechesis is to foster discipleship. Our catechetical sessions are great opportunities for us to work toward that goal. We need good resources to help us in our work towards discipleship. Creemos is a proven catechetical program that is an effective tool. In this webinar, we look at how the many features in Creemos support the work of catechists. We will focus on the ease of use and the variety of hands-on activities that are integral to Creemos.

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Virtual Doors

Open the virtual doors to effective catechesis. Effective catechists engage their students. Today, engaging students requires opening the virtual doors to our digital world. Listen to this recording of Don Kurre's webinar on the benefits, opportunities, and tools available only when you open those virtual doors. You’ll leave ready to implement these digital strategies right away to enrich your ministry.

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Visio Divina: Seeing with the Eyes of Faith

Ignite the imagination of your young disciples. Religious art provides an opportunity to see and hear the Word of God. This practice of praying with visual images is called Visio Divina or divine seeing. Dr. Barabara Sutton shares about the process of sacred seeing and how to facilitate the process of listening, seeing, contemplating, and praying with the Word.

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We Believe Catholic Identity: An Overview and Highlights of the New Features

Sadlier's We Believe program has undergone a revision. We are excited to tell you about the new features it now contains, including retreats, family resources, and ways to further teach and support Catholic identity. Join Kathy Hendricks for a webinar that will provide an overview of the program and a look at these exciting new components. Whether you are new to the program or a long-time user, you'll find helpful information and creative ideas for implementing We Believe Catholic Identity in your parish or school.

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We Believe and We Live Our Faith Summer Model

John Collins addresses your planning concerns and scheduling options for summer programs as well as highlights the Summer Program Guides that support We Believe and We Live Our Faith. You’ll also discover ways to enhance the use of these programs within the summer model using the Catholic Identity Retreats and online resources.

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Catechizing with Symbols, Rituals, and Stories

The use of symbols and rituals for holidays and family events convey stories about who we are and what we cherish. Liturgical catechesis is an opportunity to connect family celebrations with the movement of the liturgical year. Make this connection as a way to strengthen and enhance catechetical plans and programs as well as to encourage families to participate on a more regular basis in worship.

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Catholic Identity Links: A Program to Strengthen and Nurture Catholic Identity in Your School and Parish

In this webinar, Kathy Hendricks explains Sadlier’s Catholic Identity Links, a program focused on 52 virtues and values—one for each week of the year—that draw Catholic school and parish students, families, and parishioners together to actively strengthen and foster Catholic identity.

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Effective Preparation for First Sacraments—Collaboration is Key!

The catechetical leader plays a significant role in sacramental preparation—but not alone. No one person should be solely responsible for preparing the liturgy and catechizing children and families for First Penance and First Communion. Listen as Donna Eschenauer, Ph.D., shares how collaboration can elevate and propel your catechetical program to new heights.

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From Passion to Pentecost: A Lenten Reflection

“Were you there when they crucified my Lord . . .?” This familiar hymn is a staple in many churches on Good Friday. Have you ever thought about those who would have answered “yes”? What would Mary Magdalene or Simon of Cyrene tell us about their heartbreaking experiences and the aftereffects on their lives of faith? Listen to Kathy Hendricks as she presents a meaningful Lenten experience reflecting on six witnesses of Jesus’ Passion and Death and the connections each one makes to our own experience.

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How Sadlier's Spiral Curriculum Can Strengthen Your Catechetical Program

We Believe is a spiral curriculum—an approach to instruction that introduces key concepts to students at a young age and covers these concepts repeatedly, at each grade level, with increasing degrees of complexity. We Believe enables learners to revisit key concepts of each of the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. As students move through the program, they are re-engaged with catechetical material when it’s appropriate for their spiritual and educational growth. In this presentation, we will further explain a spiral curriculum as well as show an example of what it looks like in We Believe.

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Pray All Ways

Kathy Hendricks examines different ways to pray and how to fit prayer practices into daily life. Kathy also shares ideas for teaching others various ways to pray.

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The Six Tasks of Catechesis as a Unified Whole

The National Directory for Catechesis (NDC) states “ All these tasks are necessary in order to attain the full development of the Christian faith” (20). In speaking about the six tasks of catechesis the NDC makes it clear that these are all related dimensions of the way we should be catechizing. How do we ensure that all these six interrelated tasks are woven in religious education sessions? This webinar will give background and some helpful tips to understand and implement the six tasks as a unified whole. Practical ideas will be shared that are ready for implementation in your catechetical setting.

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Song, Story, Meal: Catechesis and Ritual Experience in Our Daily Lives

How do we bring our own stories to God's altar? And as catechists, how do we lead others to meaningful worship and celebration of the Eucharist?

Listen to Tom Kendzia as he journeys with us to see that while God's praise is both intentional and deliberate, it is mingled with our own stories on the road to Emmaus. He discusses how the church teaches us that we meet God at Mass in Word, Meal, and in each other. He also shares how "love one another as I have loved you" is possible when we pray well as a community and live our lives connected to that possibility.

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Eucharist: Food That Satisfies Our Deepest Hunger, Part One

This mini-retreat explores the rich beauty of the Eucharist, both sacramentally and liturgically. Tom draws upon Scripture and stories from his personal journey of life-in-faith to help reveal the intimate and saving power of Jesus in the Eucharist.

The goal of this retreat-style experience is to invite you into reflection on your own life of journey and communion with God and practically model for catechetical leaders what can be done in First Eucharist prep sessions to foster conversion in parents.

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Eucharist: Food That Satisfies Our Deepest Hunger, Part Two

Mr. Tom Quinlan of the Catholic Diocese of Joliet presents Part Two of his mini retreat for parents, catechists, and PCLs on Eucharist.

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The Holy Family: Model of Mercy

Kathy Hendricks presents a way to view mercy in action through the lens of family life. It’s not always a perfect picture, but one that offers hope for our wounded world. The Holy Family illustrates how such mercy constitutes the heart of the home. Joseph’s vigilance, Mary’s spaciousness, and Jesus’ redemptive love exemplify the “merciful moments”embedded in daily life. By drawing attention to them, we transform those moments into a legacy for our own families and the families we serve

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Making the Family Connection in Catechesis

Kathy Hendricks explains how the family plays a vital role in passing along the faith and how the tasks of catechesis are most often carried out within the course of daily life.

In this webinar, Kathy:
  • Examines how this connection is made in the ways families pass along the faith
  • Identifies strategies for supporting and encouraging catechesis in the home
  • Shares reflections and observations from the recent World Meeting of Families

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My Spirituality and the Spirituality of My Students

Each person has a special brand of spirituality that manifests itself in multiple forms. Reflect on the different stages of spiritual development where we find our students/children and find ideas for implementation at home or the catechetical setting.

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Partnering with Parents in Faith Formation: The Best Investment a Parish Can Make

Parishes today face the daunting challenge of providing foundational faith formation to two generations: children and their parents. Explore practical ways to create a partnering dynamic with our parents that can foster conversation and engage them more meaningfully in the faith formation of their children.

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Pray: The Background to All Our Days

Learn how catechesis teaches the Christian how to pray with Jesus Christ.  Sister Janet Schaeffler, OP talks about the awesome responsibility we have, as catechists and teachers, to help children/youth form a life of vibrant prayer and ever-developing relationship with God.

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Who Me, Lead a Retreat?

The idea of leading a retreat might sound daunting or unrealistic, especially if you think of it in terms of a lengthy or totally silent experience. In this webinar, Kathy Hendricks shares ways to plan and lead children, youth, adults, or families in retreat experiences that are engaging, creative, and deeply spiritual. Even if time is limited or the space is less than ideal, you will find ideas for drawing groups into prayer, reflection, and sharing.

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Cultivar la bondad: la misericordia como meta de la catequesis

Estamos a mitad del camino en el año de la misericordia. ¿Cómo es que desarrollamos el tema de la misericordia en nuestra vida moderna de hoy? Específicamente para los catequistas, ¿cómo preparamos a las personas para que sigan participando en el año de la misericordia? En esta presentación, Víctor Valenzuela observa varias "herramientas" como los diez mandamientos, las bienaventuranzas y las obras de la misericordia espirituales y corporales para la catequesis. Él compartirá manualidades y actividades listas para implementar de los programas actuales de Sadlier.

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Mi espiritualidad y la de mis estudiantes

Cada persona tiene un estilo especial de espiritualidad que se manifiesta de múltiples formas. Reflexione en las diferentes fases del desarrollo espiritual donde encontramos a nuestros hijos/estudiantes, y busque las ideas para su aplicación en el hogar o en la catequesis.

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Utilizando Creemos como una herramienta efectiva para el discipulado

La meta de la catequesis es fomentar el discipulado. Nuestras sesiones de catequesis son buenas oportunidades para lograr esa meta. Para esto necesitamos buenos materiales que nos ayuden en el discipulado. Creemos es un programa comprobado para la catequesis como una herramienta efectiva. En este webinar, veremos cómo las varias secciones respaldan nuestra labor como catequistas. Nos enfocaremos en qué tan fácil es usar el programa y en el uso de todas las manualidades que son integrales a Creemos.

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10 maneras de cómo la tecnología puede mejorar tu sesión de educación religiosa

En este taller veremos 10 maneras de incorporar la tecnología en nuestras sesiones de educación religiosa. Cada una de ellas tendrá su aplicación práctica y estará lista para implementarse de inmediato. Al final, veremos que la tecnología y los medios de comunicación realmente son "la nueva evangelización".

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El modelo del catecumenado bautismal. Lo que es, lo que no es y por qué es importante

El Directorio General para la Catequesis (# 59) llama al catecumenado bautismal, el "modelo de toda catequesis". Aprenda sobre la historia del catecumenado bautismal y cómo este modelo puede informar y transformar los esfuerzos de formación en la fe para adultos. (Esta presentación está copatrocinada por Sadlier y la Conferencia Nacional de Líderes Catequéticos).

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El ministerio de reconciliación de Jesús

En todos los tiempos, los seguidores de Jesús han reconocido la necesidad de la misericordia y el perdón. El sacramento de la Penitencia y la Reconciliación nos ofrece la sanación y la paz que necesitamos. Analice las formas de despertar el valor y la importancia del sacramento de la Penitencia y la Reconciliación en los católicos de hoy, preparando a los niños para este sacramento, agitando los corazones de los creyentes y fomentando el discipulado maduro en la cultura actual.

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