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Summer of God’s Love

Explore resources for summertime spirituality and catechesis.

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Hearts of Justice: Forming Children Who Reach Out in Love to the World

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We Believe Blog

Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

How to Use the Summer Scripture Event In Your Parish

Engage parishioners of all ages with a special, summer-themed event. The Gather in the Garden Summer Scripture Event is a seasonal event designed for summertime whole parish catechesis....Continue Reading

We Believe
and Share Blog

Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

Celebrating Saints and Mystics: Saint Ignatius Loyola

You might call it “Ignatian Imagination” – the meditative exercise developed by Saint Ignatius Loyola that draws us into a Scripture passage through our five senses. The process involves...Continue Reading

Creemos y
Compartimos Blog

Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

Catorce ideas para dar vida a la educación religiosa

Ya sea que su programa de educación religiosa esté arrancando nuevamente o que esté buscando ideas para darle un nuevo impulso a su programa existente, este exclusivo eBook le ofrecerá...Seguir Leyendo

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