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Catechetical Sunday

Inspire, support, and celebrate catechesis and missionary discipleship

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The History of Catechesis: Seeking the Timeless

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We Believe Blog

Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

Responding to Natural Disasters

In the wake of natural disasters that have occurred in the past several weeks, Pope Francis expressed his “spiritual closeness” to those affected. We keep in our hearts and minds the...Continue Reading

We Believe
and Share Blog

Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

Catechetical Ministry: Claiming Our Roots

Sadlier Religion Consultant and guest blogger, Carole Eipers, reflects her personal history with catechesis and how it affected her work on a presentation called “The History of Catechesis:...Continue Reading

Creemos y
Compartimos Blog

Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

San Vicente de Paul: Patrono Universal De Todas Las Obras De Caridad

San Vicente de Paul es llamado el patrón de las caridades. Si escudriñamos un poco en la vida de este extraordinario santo, podemos ver que el título no es una exageración. Todos hemos...Seguir Leyendo

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