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Morning Prayers with Deacon Matt Halbach, PhD

Thank you for being part of our prayer community! Please continue praying for these petitions.

To watch the recordings of Morning Prayers Live, please visit

For free access to the Family and Faith Summer Kit, visit for the English download and for the Spanish download.


For everyone to be peacemakers in the world

For continued prayers for our family friend, Dave, who is recovering from a fall

In thanksgiving for this consistent prayer routine

For protests to be peaceful and people to be open minded

For the eternal repose of the soul of June Cracker

For Jasmine and the class of 2020

For our country

For my husband who is struggling with a new serious diagnosis

In hope that we are all coming together peacefully to make positive changes in the world

For my coworker's roommate, who fell and passed away yesterday. For my coworker, as well, as they were like family to each other.

For my daughter’s dog, Baxter, who is very, very sick; he swallowed a toy and can’t pass it

In thanksgiving for my co-workers, who are creative, kind, supportive, and, best of all, good friends

For our coworker's Grandmother, who suffered a brain hemorrhage last night and is in the hospital

For prayers for our RCIA candidates and the four high school Confirmation students who have been waiting

In thanksgiving for only eight days left in this school year, may the summer be peaceful

To keep us free from evil

For all police officers, especially my sister's husband

For peace

For safety and justice for everyone 🙏

For help to be more like Jesus Christ 🙏

For an ethical approach to developing a vaccine for the coronavirus which stays true to our Catholic faith

For scientists as they continue working on the cure for COVID-19

For continued healing and peace for a coworker, Joseph

For prayers to stop the violence and destruction of America. Bring back the love and peace between all neighbors instead of fear.

For Zach, who had surgery yesterday. In thanksgiving for him doing well, but may he continue to heal.

For Jim, who is still not feeling well

For an increase in the fruits of the spirit in all of us that our world so desperately needs right now

In thanksgiving for Ellen's new grandson who was born last week

In thanksgiving for the successful, healthy birth of my friend's baby on Pentecost, baby Joseph Michael

For prayers to Mary for peace and humanity ✝️

For my friend, Chris, who is being deployed overseas to serve our country. I pray for his safety, for all of our service men and women overseas protecting our country, and also for all of the law enforcement trying to protect our cities in this time of crisis.

For God’s help to stop hate and destruction 🙏

For love for Jesus

For less anxiety for people and for the unemployed

For Robby Z

For wisdom for faith leaders as we plan for faith formation in the fall and what that might look like now

For continued prayers for the flood victims in Michigan

For everyone who is staying at home just to not get the virus 🙏🏼

For me struggling with the isolation

For Minneapolis and all the racial violence

For Michelle, who is unwell. They think she has an enflamed thyroid and are doing an ultrasound to confirm. Prayers that it is not cancerous.

For my husband who is ill

For my son who is a pilot and on the verge of being furloughed with Delta. The airline industry is in a terrible situation. It’s looking difficult even trying to move to other airlines.

For healing for a family friend, Dave, who took a bad fall and reinjured his knee

For continued health for all

For George

For unity in our community and unity with God🙏

For all First Communicants who are waiting to receive Jesus in the Eucharist

For school administrators as they find ways to deal with this and plan for the fall

For families, may they find fun and engaging ways to be together during this time

In thanksgiving for the guidance of our bishop during this challenging time of re-entry to churches. Please pray for all church leaders.

In thanksgiving for Baby Peter, who we’ve been praying for, is out of the NICU and home doing well along with Mom and Dad

For peace and to eliminate racism

For peace and an end to violence

That God would bless a morning prayer that I am leading later this morning and send his Holy Spirit to be with us

For people to get along and not judge each other by the color of their skin

That Jesus’ prayer for unity in the gospel today be offered for the people of Minneapolis in their time of grief. May justice and peace prevail!

For St. Augustine of Canterbury, pray for us

For increased gifts of the Holy Spirit

For families to be strengthened with love and understanding. Give us the grace to communicate with each other better.

For all of us to remember on this Memorial Day those who serve to protect us and those who died in military service

For pets, especially my dog that is sick🐾🐾

For all of the new mothers especially at this difficult time with the virus

For a coworker's special intention

For St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us

For the Holy Spirit to come into my life in a new way♋️🔥

For Bryon and his fellow soldiers who are serving in the National Guard in Harlem and all over the country

For my family—we recently lost our Father to cancer, and we are leaning on our faith and each other to get through these days

In thanksgiving for keys found

For all those impacted by the flooding in Michigan, especially during this pandemic

For a friend who has non-small cell lung cancer that has spread to his bones, lymph nodes, adrenal glands, liver, and brain. He is in treatment. He has lost 50 pounds, but he is a fighter. The doctors do have a plan and working hard with him to help save his life. He is 49 years old with two children.

For the gift of hope, love, wisdom, and courage. Come Holy Spirit.

For the Gift of Faith for the unfaithful

For all the virtual graduations

For my Uncle Tim, who has swelling on his legs and hands and we are not sure what's causing it

For parents as they determine what to do with their children during the summer

In thanksgiving for the successful surgery of baby Josephine

For my sister-in-law, who is an at-home physical therapist working with COVID-19 patients as soon as they’re released from the hospital but are still very sickly and are not allowed back into the nursing homes. Then she goes home to my brother who is a very high-risk patient. But she is needed in the field.

For people to return to church when it opens

For Jasmine

Thanksgiving for being able to see grandkids again 💓

For the Holy Spirit to present itself to my daughter and son-in-law who do not attend any church

For wisdom in our nation... I heard about "COVID-19 parties"... Lord Jesus keep everyone safe and help us make wise decisions in this time

For people to find peace and happiness in all of this

For my friend's newborn daughter, Josephine, who is having surgery this morning to have her tongue ties clipped

In thanksgiving for my nephew, Zach's, birthday

For a prayer intention of my dad

For the beautiful weekend and being able to get outside

For my grandson who had to go to urgent care for strep throat for the last three months and dealing with the doctors in these trying times

For continued healing for my co-worker Joseph

In thanksgiving for two answered prayers

For my friend who lost her husband one month ago today; he was a police officer

For the class of 2020

For all students who are still completing their finals

For deeper devotion to Mary in this month of Mary

For police and law enforcement, may God keep them safe and wise

For my daughter and her friend driving 13 hours home from college, may they get home safely

For my uncle, who found out he will be let go soon, that God would bless his job search

For my missing keys—St Anthony, pray for us

For Alex who went for a follow-up for the second time and still tested positive for COVID. Asymptomatic. Doctor said that the virus may take up to 6-8 weeks to shed. Please continue to pray for him and Ada.

For the Holy Spirit to show me what I need to do to help others

For my sister got 💯 on her test thank you God🙏

For help focusing on God and acting like Christ ✝

For the continued healing of Alex's Mom

For an OLIH parishioner who is at the Hospice House, pray for comfort and peace in Jesus arms at the end of life

That we share love within our households during this stay-at-home period

For our coworker and parishioner who passed away last week from cancer and was a mom of three boys

That the virtual prayer vigil we will be leading tonight will go well

In thanksgiving that our state is now allowed to have church service curbside

That we remain in the love of the Lord and love one another. We are friends with Jesus. Pray to the Father and he will hear us! Amen!

For my sister to do well on her certification test

For me to be the best version of myself

For Katy who started a Bible Study with her Sunday Religious Education children via the computer

For a young pregnant woman who is having complications

In thanksgiving for my friend's successful dissertation yesterday. She is now officially Dr. Erika!

For the death anniversary of Maria Herminia Aganon—RIP

For help for our political leaders to come together on how to handle our daily lives due to this virus

In celebration of the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us

For all to grow in closeness to Our Lady this month

For my dad who has his own business and has a lot of roofs to do, may he not get this virus

For steadfast faith, hope, love, charity, and peace

For JT and the class of 2020

In thanksgiving for Camberley who is always there to help even in the very early morning

For all of those non-believers to come into the light

For my friend Erika who will defend her dissertation virtually later this morning

Heal us spiritually and physically through the Holy Spirit

For a coworker Joseph, for his healing and that he would feel the comfort and love of God during this time

In thanksgiving for a wonderful Mother's Day

For Alex's Mom who has to have emergency surgery, be with her and her family

In thanksgiving for the Lord's blessing on my sister's wedding on May 9; it was beautiful

For help for my daughter and son-in-law who are both teachers and are not only teaching their students via Goggle Classrooms and teaching their own two children at home, but now have five days to clean out their classrooms and student desks without any help from even a family member

Be our advocate and guide our hearts today

For the LaPaglia family

For Marlene who is hospitalized with blood clots

For peace of soul, mind, and body

For the homeless who cannot hide from this disease

In thanksgiving for Deacon Matt for being a sign of consistent prayer and coming together in joy and hope!

For the refugee community and those in need of community

For all those who are separated this Mother's Day from loved ones

For holy vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, third orders, lay apostolates, and lay ministries

That all follow the rules when we are out for the safety of others

For Jill, whose aunt passed due to COVID, and her family

For the eternal repose of the soul of Grace Worley

For all our churches to open!

To ALL teachers out there on this last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, may we all be better listeners and learners whether we’re in school or out

For a coworker who was welcomed into the eternal Kingdom Thursday night after a battle with cancer and her family

In thanksgiving for a professional photographer who is taking photos for families called “porch photos” and, instead of being paid, the families are making donations to the food pantries

For help to serve you and your people

For CCD and Sunday School teachers who help develop the faith of our children

In thanksgiving for prayers for Ada, who was discharged from the hospital

For our town in south Jersey where a minister was holding a service outside with cars parked 10 feet apart. People were in their cars; only the minister was out. The police threatened that they’d arrested the minister if he didn’t shut it down. And our governor has placed another 30 days of lock down on us. People are not only losing their businesses, but their right to worship. And we live in a shore town that only relies on tourism.

Pray for Dean, Mary, Rae

Pray for everyone to have a stronger faith ✝

For transformation of hearts like Mary's own during this Month of May, Mary's month

For those who are stressed with changes and transitions in jobs, especially for Chad

For parents who are doing their best to support teachers and distance learning

For a parishioner whose step-grandpa was hospitalized due to a broken hip and just had to have his leg amputated

For my Mom and Father in Heaven on their wedding anniversary

For people in Waukegan where 56% are sick with COVID-19

For school support staff who help teachers and administrators do what they do to help our children learn and grow

For my sister and her fiancé as they get married this Saturday

In thanksgiving for a young mom we’ve been praying who was hospitalized for COVID-19 and is now home and doing well

For Chris and Chuck for their recoveries

For Alex, Anne, Ada, ECB, JT, NP, TP

For Sophia, my niece—it’s her birthday

For the eternal repose of the soul of David Dobson

For church suffering and church militant

For us to have a deeper faith 💕

For a mother whose husband is in the Reserves and is serving in NYC while she’s alone with her two boys

For my uncle and all of his health needs

For a friend with a brain tumor that has come home from the hospital after a successful surgery, may he continue to do well

For a coworker who is recovering from a surgery yesterday due to a blood clot, may he have peace of mind

For Alex’s recovery from the coronavirus

For a friend with cancer

For all government leaders to dig deep into their hearts and look to God

For the teachers around the world trying their best to teach in these unusual times, may we appreciate them and show our gratitude this week

In thanksgiving for healthy family members

That we keep Mary, the mother of all mothers, in our intentions for the month of May

For the unemployed and those struggling in anyway, St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us

For Dick and Ed who passed

For Theodore on his Eternal Birthday ❤️

For my nephew who tested positive for coronavirus and others sick with it as well

In thanksgiving for my friend's baby who was born late last night. She was named Josephene Mae, but that was chosen at the very beginning of the pregnancy.

For some sun to come out so we all can go outside

For a family friend who had a baby on Tuesday. His name is Peter, and he’s in the NIC-U. Peter is having trouble regulating his blood sugar and needed a feeding tube for nutrition. Because of COVID-19, his parents cannot be at the hospital with him.

For the flooding to stop

In thanksgiving for my mom, who celebrated a birthday yesterday

For my nephew, Connor, for his 15th birthday

For a coworker who had surgery recently and is feeling depressed, may the Lord shine his light on him and fill him with His love

For all the volunteers

For the states and businesses that are opening, may people stay safe and healthy

For my son-in-law's Grandpa who was just diagnosed with COVID in hospital in Des Moines

For those living alone, nursing home residents, and cancer patients

For the unemployed and those struggling in anyway—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, etc.

In thanksgiving for all spiritual leaders who provide hope and community in creative ways during this time

For my nephew, may his COVID test results be negative

For all the people who don’t have COVID-19 to stay safe

For hope and thanksgiving for my grandchild who both wants to see her school, friends, and gymnastics, but also loves the family dinners and being together 24/7

In thanksgiving for God’s love 💕

For God to keep us in good health

For the opening of our Church ⛪

For all hearts to open to the love of our God during this difficult time, knowing He is in charge and wants us to come to know His great love for each of us

In thanksgiving for a nice day, may we all get out and enjoy it and treasure God's gift of nature

In thanksgiving for the gift of the Eucharist

For my mom who is making mask for people!

For patience and gentleness within our families within this time of lots of togetherness

In thanksgiving for a community that was so kind when they came by my grandson’s house yesterday for his 6th birthday. There were 31 honking, decorated vehicles and 3 fire engines. My grandson was so happy, overwhelmed, and emotional that half way through the parade he started to cry with gratitude along with his mom, my daughter. My heart is so full❤️ and we are so blessed.

For health care professionals, civil, and religious leaders

For JT

For poor souls

For the most vulnerable and isolated

For protection and thanksgiving for those that are not affected by the coronavirus

For the sick and their caregivers

For my niece who is infected with this terrible virus; she is young

For the conversion of heart of my siblings

In thanksgiving for the memories we're making with our families

Prayer for both my sister and sister in law’s small businesses who have not been able to secure government loans and have not been able to open to the virus and are losing their businesses

For those who ask for our prayers, those who have no one to pray for them, and those in most need of thy mercy

For those who are anxious

For the unemployed and those struggling in any way

For people who have to work over the weekend and do not get a break, may the Lord be with them and help them find rest

For my friend who is 37 weeks pregnant and may be going into labor (her first and only so far was a miscarriage)

For Erin, 35, diagnosed with lung cancer

In thanksgiving for the humor and honesty of children

For help in figuring out the best way to help with the medical and economic crisis for everyone. Whether it be through antibody testing, vaccines, etc. We’re only human and need God’s help and grace.

For hungry and depressed people and children

For peace ✌️ and salvation

For our community, and for more faith in you, Lord

For the Lord, help us to recognize your presence in our lives and to keep hope at the forefront

For some nice weather to come our way

For our government officials

For the homeless families supported by Interfaith Hospitality

For the Holy Spirit, please send down your grace upon us during this time—especially fill our leaders with wisdom

For Nancy, her neighbor, and all others who have or will celebrate their birthdays during the quarantine

In thanksgiving for Dcn Matt's wife and for all spouses who support us in our call

For those who have left the fold of our faith

In thanksgiving for families and friends—even if we cannot connect in person, thankfully, we can connect virtually

For those who have harden hearts to be softened

For a colleague who is having a tumor removed and biopsied today and is very anxious

For those who are struggling to afford food and the basics, may people share what they have and may those who struggle find what they need

For my Aunt Amy who tested positive for COVID-19

For my brother that he doesn’t get depressed from all this isolation

For Dean that he becomes faith strong

For my sister that she makes good choices

For pregnant women who might have to go through the birth of their child without their families surrounding them

For Teresa and her triplets in the hospital

For a good friend’s daughter with young children who is hospitalized with COVID-19

For my Grandma who is alone and others in the same situation, may they find God, peace, and love

For the ability to keep JOY on the UPTICK! We have to find things to be grateful for and do things for those who need the HELP.

For the Shake Shack that donated their $10 million Payroll Protection Plan loan back to the government to help out other small businesses

For all the small businesses who did not get the Payroll Protection Plan loan from the government, may they still find a way to make it through

For people who are being generous and trying to help people less fortunate during this time

For my parish that is looking to hire two positions during this time, and for all businesses that are hiring

In thanksgiving for being able to go out into my backyard after watching the news and seeing a father and two children sitting on a fire escape with no place to go due to COVID-19

For my neighbor, Dave, and all others, who are sick with COVID-19, may they get healthy soon

For all to seek the Lord during these unprecedented times, to find blessings in the simple ways of life happening now

For a smooth transition to open up our cities again—Get America back to work without fear!

For Ronnie, battling cancer

For Natalie, 33, struggling with breast cancer

For friendship and love

For wisdom for church leaders to lead through and beyond the coronavirus crisis with the "creativity of love"

For my husband’s eyes to heal through Jesus Christ ✝

For help to not be negative with all of the difficulties that we’re dealing with

For people who are different and don't feel accepted, may they find the love of others and in the Lord

For all those people who are poor

For my family and friends

In thanksgiving for a catechist’s recovery from an illness—she had many prayer warriors praying for her (including all of you)

In thanksgiving for special intentions

For the eternal repose of the soul of Dong Ahn

For the eternal repose of the soul of Joseph Jesolva

For my friend Mavy’s father who is in the ICU

For a coworker who will celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary and for all those celebrating milestones during this time

For co-workers to be nice to each other and work together

For prayers for a friend who is going in for surgery with a tumor at the base of her brain this morning

For all the people who have to be out, working and helping others, may God keep them safe

For all of those working in politics, that they may have wisdom

For my family and my grandma who has a bad cough but she doesn’t have Coronavirus

For God’s help for our governments[em-dahs]local and national

For all of us to be patient with technology, may we enjoy the benefits, but understand its drawbacks

In thanksgiving for all prayer warriors who have been interceding for those in need during this time

For all of the people that are sick and those who lost people from this virus

For my neighbor who is currently in the ER with suspected gallbladder issues

For my college roommate who was admitted to the hospital with multiple serious symptoms

For the delivery people who bring us essential items

For the post office workers who help us send our love and caring

For anyone experiencing uncertainty with their job. In uncertain times, please help them realize God has a path for them. Grant them the peace to give it to God and let him guide their path forward.

In thanksgiving for the staff that made my uncle with special needs Easter special even though we could not be with him and for all caregivers

For our priests and religious leaders

For those struggling to balance children with schoolwork and their employment responsibilities

For people to stay positive and be good to others around them

For people in Georgia and all over the country hit with bad storms last night that are due to continue today

For everyone that feels sad

For the elderly who are alone in homes and facilities

For a parishioner who is dying

For my girlfriend’s 30-year-old daughter just diagnosed with breast cancer

For students with special needs who are struggling to adapt to online learning

That we invite the resurrection into our lives this Easter season, dying to ourselves and rising with Christ

For Sadlier Religion and Deacon Matt through these quarantine days, I’m so grateful for these mornings 🙏

For the teachers who have been working so hard to teach while trying to learn new technology and being caring

For everyone’s who is in the hospital sick and the nurses

For those of us so very stressed out about our jobs

For all of those who are so heartbroken about missing these next four days of the most wonderful masses of the year

For my Grandma and all of the people in eldercare who will be alone on Easter

For my cat, Boomer, who got stuck in a room and we had no idea

For the parents trying to figure out how to occupy their kids during their spring breaks

For a catechist who works in the grocery industry and is worried she will bring the virus home to her family, pray that the Lord will keep her and all essential workers safe

For the people suffering from COVID-19

For the conversion of nonbelievers

Prayers of thanks, praise and Glory to God ❤

For my father and others who aren't feeling well and are scared they might be sick with coronavirus, may they be healthy

For my grandchildren’s teachers who drove by yesterday in a decorated, 15 or more car parade that brought joy to my grandkids

For a catechist who has a bad cough and is quarantining herself from her family due to potential contraction of the coronavirus, that God would bring her healing and comfort

For all families suffering at this time, may they feel God’s presence in their lives!

For all my nurse and doctor friends and their peers, may they stay healthy and safe

For our Jewish friends celebrating Passover that we may find unity among different faith groups

For the needs of the ladies in our little prayer group who pray Divine Mercy daily at 3 p.m., please protect and bless them and fulfill all their needs

For all parents and families, especially those who are struggling to find balance between working from home and being a homeschooling parent, may God bring them peace

For fun with my family

For all of those who have no faith

For everyone trying new things and doing their best to make the best of where we are right now

For constructions workers going into NYC to build temporary hospitals and morgues

For the churches in financial distress

For those who suffered from domestic abuse and home is the last place they want to be, may they find a way to get the safety and distance they need

For all law enforcement officials who are getting sick from the virus due to their self sacrifice

For Deacon Matt Halbach

For my Grandma and Grandpa, who are 71 and 72

For those too humble to ask for prayers for themselves

For my sister and all brides being affected by COVID-19 restrictions

For healthcare workers coming out of retirement to help in hospitals and be there to care for sick people

For people who work in hospitals

For all those in academia who are struggling, especially for a friend who is trying to finish her dissertation and may have to defend remotely due to COVID-19

For my parents who are celebrating their 48th anniversary today and are thankfully healthy and safe

For all those with cancer, especially for a coworker who is undergoing chemo right now (for the second time) and has three young boys

For all of the teachers who are working so very hard to help all of their students trying at home to keep up with their schoolwork

For the unemployed, may the uncertainty of not knowing when they will receive another paycheck soon end so their anxieties and fears will be calmed

For the safety and health of my parents and for all of those essential workers continuing in the medical community, grocery, and supply lines, may they stay healthy

For the health and protection of our first responders and medical pros

For our government leaders, that they may prioritize the needs of the less fortunate who are the most vulnerable in this time of crisis

For all educators and families, may they be safe and healthy

For healing of all the sick and for peace in these times

For the elderly that live alone, may they get what they need and find angels among neighbors and friends

For the health and protection of our first responders and medical community, and that all people act with prudence and wisdom to safeguard access to hospitals for those who are most in need

For those who are stuck in Hawaii due to grounded flights, may they find a feeling of "home" in the Lord

For an increase in patience and the virtues of faith, hope, and love, especially in our households

For peace for those families separated from their sheltered grandparents

For all of the small businesses that are losing their businesses and can’t take a paycheck or unemployment or can’t afford to take a government loan

For people to find peace wherever they are

For people, while stuck at home, may they look outside and see the beauty God has provided during all of this

For my nephew whose job is at risk as a loan officer because of the stimulus package, which everyone truly needs, and he is helping his aunts and uncles navigate on the side while his own job is at risk

For our nation's leaders, that they will be protected and granted wisdom in leading through this difficult time

For families who will not be together for the upcoming holidays

For my Dad on his birthday, even though he can’t see his sister

For Grandparents who are lonely

That we may receive Jesus in the Eucharist soon

For children this Holy Week that they find some peace in this unusual time as they prepare for Jesus this UN-traditional Easter at home

For Val, our friend who has started chemo, for her healing

For my aunt, who has follicular lymphoma and is worried about getting the virus, and for all those with pre-existing conditions that put them at higher risk

For protection from the coronavirus for family and friends

For my grandchildren

For the creativity of our church to minister to the people the best they can and that we can minister to one another in loving ways

For my friend, Becky, who is an infectious disease doctor, trying to balance attending to her patients in the hospital and taking care of her two boys mostly on her own with the help of a babysitter

For all the people who Deliver Stuff to people’s house!!

For Pope Francis, Bishops, and Church leaders, that God may guide them as they discern creative and appropriate ways to minister during this difficult time

For healthcare workers and first responders, may God protect them as they risk their lives to save others

For public officials, that they may make wise decisions that help our country respond to the COVID-19 crisis

For parents, as they find ways to provide and care for children during this difficult time

For our world and all the people in it

For all, may they act with reason

For worldwide increase of love, faith, and trust in all we do!

For God to show me where he is leading me

For my friend's father who is on life support

For all those facing financial strain and the healthcare workers helping to control the spread

For my daughter and son-in-law with small children

For my family members who work in healthcare

For my friend, pregnant with conjoined twins

For those who have no means of income and have lost their hope

For all the healthcare workers who are the real superheroes

For patience and wisdom for parents and kids at home

For our priests and deacons who are missing their flocks

For Father Kevin, suffering from multiple myeloma

For families during this stressful time

For parish workers at empty parishes

For all parents with all their kids at home

For my Mom, Alma Pettit, who is having surgery today

For all those who cannot receive sacraments

For comfort for everyone during this time

For patience, energy, and strength for parents

For our kiddos who are scared and don’t understand what’s going on

For guidance on work and family life BALANCE

For my family, friends, and everyone

For my grandchildren

For my friend Debbie who was just diagnosed with a rare cancer

For my daughters and son-in-laws to have patience and strength

For my father who is in the hospital alone facing another surgery, for hopes of growing our family though adoption, and for all of those who are sacred

For all those working hard on the front lines of this pandemic

For all those who are lonely, that they feel God’s presence in a real and comforting way

For all pregnant women, that they may give their fears to God. May God keep them safe from this terrible virus.

For my mind and my heart, that they may feel in peace and alignment as I juggle kids and work

For Jack, a young 20-something in my town, who is very ill with the virus

For all those who are struggling with loneliness, that they may be comforted

For my boss having bypass surgery today

For those who are quarantined and alone without company

For the elderly who are unable to leave their homes

For John in St. Paul, MN, who has COVID-19 and is on a ventilator

For my daughter who is an ER physician and son-in-law who is an anesthesiologist

For my son who is a pilot flying a lot due to others afraid of getting ill

For healthcare workers

For grandchildren

For deacons and priests

For the wisdom and guidance to destroy the virus and protect us from it

For all the people who are in the hospital

For a calm mind and heart

For a minister’s wife working with preschool children of parents working in the medical field

For everyone as we go into the third week of this crisis. Continue to help us adjust to this new normal.