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November 30, 2017 | WBAS Seasonal Advent & Christmas, WBAS Topics Prayer, WBAS Cat Prayers & Reflections, REL Seasons - Feast Days/Holidays, REL Topic- Saints

Celebrating Saint Nicholas Day

Our family first celebrated Saint Nicholas Day about twenty-five years ago. We gathered with a cherished circle of friends for a post-Thanksgiving meal that didn’t have anything to do – or so we thought – with Saint Nicholas. Our hostesses – two Franciscan sisters – gave each child a stocking filled with goodies. We sang carols, told stories, and laughed heartily. After repeating the celebration the following year, complete with stockings, it soon evolved into an annual tradition that began to fall around December 6th, feast of Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas

Over the years we added new traditions and dropped others as the children all grew up and ventured out onto their own. A couple of the rituals endured, however. We always share a meal, and we join together in prayer that includes a Saint Nicholas Day blessing.

The Church celebrates the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas of Myra on December 6. Saint Nicholas of Myra is one of the most popular saints in the world, and most famous as the patron saint of children.

Legends of Saint Nicholas abound. One of the most famous involves the kindly saint leaving bags of gold on the doorstep of a poor family, thus providing the daughters with dowries so that they could marry. This was more than a matchmaking venture, but rather one that spared the impoverished girls from being sold into slavery.

Traditional accounts say that Nicholas grew up as the only son of devoted Christian parents. His mother and father died when he was young, and Nicholas inherited a large fortune. He decided to use this money to help the many people he saw around him who were in need. He also decided to perform these acts of charity quietly, even secretly, and not to brag about them.

The candy cane is a treat often associated with Saint Nicholas Day. Its distinctive shape is attributed to a 17th century German choirmaster, who bent the candy into the form of a shepherd’s staff and gave it to children attending church services. The crook symbolizes the gentle image of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. As shepherd of his people, a bishop carries a hook-shaped staff called a crosier. Since Saint Nicholas was also a bishop, the candy cane serves as a perfect symbol for this patron and protector of children. 



This year, gather with family and  friends for “St. Nick’s Day” – a celebration of friendship and love, joy and generosity. It’s a tradition we wouldn’t think of missing. Use the resources below as part of your celebrations!


Saint Nicholas is an example of kindness and generosity for us today. This year, as we prepare for Christmas, we should remember Nicholas's quiet acts of selfless charity as we give our Christmas gifts. Download a prayer service to celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas Day.

Saint Nicholas Day Download Now

Today, Saint Nicholas is known as a gift-giver all around the world. But we no longer think of "Saint Nick" as a kindly bishop. Over the centuries and across the continents, we now know "Saint Nick" as "Santa Claus." Download a primary activity Saint Nicholas of Myra, one of the world’s most popular saints and the patron saint of children.


Saint Nicholas Download Now



Celebrate Saint Nicholas Day with a blessing and sharing of candy canes. Download my complimentary Saint Nicholas Day Blessing of Candy Canes in English or Spanish!  candy_cane_prayer.jpg

Saint Nicholas Day Blessing of Candy Canes Download Now

Bright Ideas

  • In the spirit of Saint Nicholas, involve your family or class in a Christmas project that provides gifts for children who live in impoverished circumstances. Remember the children each time you gather together to light the Advent wreath.

  • Engage your family or class in a discussion about favorite seasonal traditions. Which ones have endured over the years? What makes them special?



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