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School Catechetical Programs

Sadlier offers your Catholic school comprehensive religious education programs for Grades K–8, catch-up programs that present the essential Catholic beliefs, and family life materials. Engage students with online resources and families with take-home support materials.

Virtues & Values Bingo Game

Engage students as you teach them about Catholic virtues and values with a colorful handout and Bingo game featuring 52 virtues and values, one for each week of the year. Families will join in the fun and conversation when you send extra copies home.


Virtues Value Bingo Game


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Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

June Lesson Preparation Planner for Religious Education

Download this helpful, printable calendar to help you organize your Religious Education course for the month of June. Simply download, print, and customize to your unique needs.   To...Continue Reading

Fruits of the Spirit Pentecost Activity

On May 24th the Church celebrates the Feast of Pentecost. Pentecost Sunday ends the season of Easter. On Pentecost Sunday, the Church remembers the coming of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’...Continue Reading

We Believe
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Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

Ways You Might “Live Simply So Others May Simply Live”

Our house is a wreck. Boxes are everywhere and furniture is in complete disarray. Relocating to a new house should be old hat by now since this is the sixteenth move Ron and I have made...Continue Reading

Prayer of the Week: Prayer for a Pentecost Tongue

We celebrate the feast of Pentecost as the “capper” to the Easter season. It affirms who we are as the Church – the People of God called to spread the news far and wide of the mighty words...Continue Reading

Creemos y
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Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

El papa Francisco y la familia

Es mucho lo que el papa Francisco ha escrito sobre la familia. No es para menos. La familia, aunque en crisis, sigue siendo el lugar donde es formado un individuo. Es en el núcleo familiar...Seguir Leyendo

La Ascensión de Jesús

Imagine que su mejor amigo(a) le invita a conversar tomando un café. Y que de repente le dice: “Adiós, tengo que irme lejos, no nos volveremos a ver más. Pero no te preocupes, yo estaré...Seguir Leyendo