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School Catechetical Programs

Sadlier offers your Catholic school comprehensive religious education programs for Grades K–8, catch-up programs that present the essential Catholic beliefs, and family life materials. Engage students with online resources and families with take-home support materials.

Virtues & Values Bingo Game

Engage students as you teach them about Catholic virtues and values with a colorful handout and Bingo game featuring 52 virtues and values, one for each week of the year. Families will join in the fun and conversation when you send extra copies home.


Virtues Value Bingo Game


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Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

A Holy Year of Mercy Faith Fact

Pope Francis announced an Extraordinary Jubilee, a Holy Year of Mercy, to highlight the importance of being merciful to one another as God is to us. What does this mean for parish and...Continue Reading

Catholic Saints for Children: Saint Peter Claver

Peter Claver was a Jesuit priest from Spain who traveled to Colombia to work as a missionary in the 1600s. He dedicated his life to helping the thousands of slaves who landed on the shores...Continue Reading

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Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

Prayer For Our Nation

It isn’t exactly summer reading, but I just finished Blaine Harden’s Escape from Camp 14. It tells the story of Shin Dong-hyuk, the only known person to have been born and raised in a North...Continue Reading

Remembering Creation

“I arise today, through The strength of heaven, The light of the sun, The radiance of the moon, The splendor of fire, The speed of lightning, The swiftness of wind,  The depth of the...Continue Reading

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Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

Libro electronico Diez consejos para nuevos DER

¿Es usted nuevo en educación religiosa? Descargue este exclusivo libro electrónico con diez consejos para nuevos directores de educación religiosa o para líderes parroquiales de catequesis,...Seguir Leyendo

Día de la Independencia

Todas las guerras son odiosas. Todas traen amarguras y devastaciones de todo tipo. Las personas que las hemos experimentado personalmente, o sufrido sus horribles consecuencias, estamos...Seguir Leyendo