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School Catechetical Programs

Sadlier offers your Catholic school comprehensive religious education programs for Grades K–8, catch-up programs that present the essential Catholic beliefs, and family life materials. Engage students with online resources and families with take-home support materials.

Virtues & Values Bingo Game

Engage students as you teach them about Catholic virtues and values with a colorful handout and Bingo game featuring 52 virtues and values, one for each week of the year. Families will join in the fun and conversation when you send extra copies home.


Virtues Value Bingo Game


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Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

May Lesson Preparation Planner for Religious Education

Download this helpful, printable calendar to help you organize your Religious Education course for the month of May. Simply download, print, and customize to your unique needs.  ...Continue Reading

Make it Multi-sensory! Support Article for Catechists

Engage all learners in your Catholic Religion Education class or family by making your lessons multi-sensory. Educational research has shown that teaching approaches that actively involve...Continue Reading

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Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

Prayer of the Week: Blessing for a Mother's Voice

With Mother's Day approaching, I thought to make my prayer of the week one that can be gifted to mothers for their own personal prayer. Last week I spent time reading through my old blog...Continue Reading

Special Needs Families

When our daughter, Jenny, was born, Ron and I had never heard of the term “special needs”. Nor did we understand what Down Syndrome meant. We only knew our daughter would require an extra...Continue Reading

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Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

La Generación “C”

Este mes celebramos la fiesta de San Isidoro de Sevilla. A él se le reconoce como el santo patrón del internet. Los jóvenes son los que han acudido más rápido al internet y a las redes...Seguir Leyendo

Artículo de apoyo ¡Hágalo multisensorial!

Involucre a todos los estudiantes en su clase de educación religiosa o de la familia haciendo sus lecciones multisensoriales. La investigación educativa ha demostrado que los enfoques de...Seguir Leyendo