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School Catechetical Programs

Sadlier offers your Catholic school comprehensive religious education programs for Grades K–8, catch-up programs that present the essential Catholic beliefs, and family life materials. Engage students with online resources and families with take-home support materials.

Virtues & Values Bingo Game

Engage students as you teach them about Catholic virtues and values with a colorful handout and Bingo game featuring 52 virtues and values, one for each week of the year. Families will join in the fun and conversation when you send extra copies home.

Virtues Value Bingo Game


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Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

Catechists: On the Journey of Life with Prayer

Being an effective catechist requires constant prayer, and it is the responsibility of families and catechists to teach others to pray, through both example and instruction. The Catechists:...Continue Reading

Catholic Religious Education Lesson Plans for September

It’s time to organize next month’s Religious Education plans with Sadlier’s helpful monthly printable resource. The September curriculum planner, designed to help catechists organize and...Continue Reading

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Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

Catholic Virtues Series: Uncovering Virtue

Much as I love the season of fall, I am going to miss my mornings on the front porch. I start most summer days there, reading from a book of reflections and writing in my journal. The birds...Continue Reading

Holy Labor Day

It’s been a few years since I wrote the “Ripples” reflection for my online column, From My Home to Yours. Nevertheless, I remember the story well. I popped into a convenience store on my...Continue Reading

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Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

La madre de la sonrisa

La beata madre Teresa de Calcuta falleció el 5 de septiembre de 1997. En el mes de septiembre, reconocemos todo lo que hizo en su vida por los pobres, los enfermos y los desamparados. La...Seguir Leyendo

María Reina y Señora Coronada

 El Dr. Jorge Diez tiene más de 25 años de experiencia en el ministerio pastoral y catequético trabajando en las áreas de educación religiosa, evangelización, arte y música litúrgica....Seguir Leyendo