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School Catechetical Programs

Sadlier offers your Catholic school comprehensive religious education programs for Grades K–8, catch-up programs that present the essential Catholic beliefs, and family life materials. Engage students with online resources and families with take-home support materials.

Virtues & Values Bingo Game

Engage students as you teach them about Catholic virtues and values with a colorful handout and Bingo game featuring 52 virtues and values, one for each week of the year. Families will join in the fun and conversation when you send extra copies home.



Sadlier We Believe Blog

Holy Family Prayer Service

On Sunday, December 29, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Take the opportunity to reflect with children about the love the Holy Family shared...Continue Reading

New Year’s Kit

Ring in the New Year with resources from the Sadlier We Believe Blog. Within a special New Year’s Kit, administrators, catechists, and parents can find resources to help prepare for and...Continue Reading

We Believe and Share Blog

Entering the Crèche

Setting up the crèche is a beloved tradition in both homes and parishes. I have seen a number of beautiful Nativity sets over the years. Many of them reflect cultural traditions and...Continue Reading

Sounds of Advent

Have you noticed the newest warning in theaters these days? In addition to the reminders to turn off cell phones and cease conversation, moviegoers are also asked to stop text messaging...Continue Reading

Creemos y Compartimos Blog

Navidad y familia

Parece mentira que el año calendario esté llegando a su fin. De nuevo nos  encontramos en la época de las compras, en la vorágine de comerciales que les han quitado el sentido a las...Seguir Leyendo

Tiempo de Generosidad

Seguramente que al leer el título de este artículo pensaste: "La generosidad no tiene tiempo específico". Efectivamente, si la generosidad tuviera fecha de expiración en mala situación nos...Seguir Leyendo