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Sacrament Preparation

Prepare children, youth, and their families to participate fully in the sacramental life of the Church. Sadlier programs and prayer books guide students to a deeper understanding of meeting Jesus in the sacraments.

Sacraments: God’s Presence With Us Lesson

What are the Seven Sacraments? How do you see God’s presence in each Sacrament and in your life? Your students will be able to answer questions like these as you use this mini-poster in your class. A beautiful prayer celebration concludes the lesson.


God’s Presence in Sacraments Activity


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Resources for Sadlier Religion Program Users

Catholic Religious Education Lesson Plans for October

It’s time to organize next month’s Religious Education plans with Sadlier’s helpful monthly printable resource. The October curriculum planner, designed to help catechists organize and...Continue Reading

Celebrating the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi

On October 4, the Catholic Church will celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis grew up the son of a wealthy cloth merchant and his wife in the town of Assisi in...Continue Reading

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Inspiration & Resources for Catholics

The Joyful Mystic, Saint Teresa of Avila Prayer Reflections

I read a story recently about a study of the happiest countries on five different continents. Results showed that it wasn’t a surplus of money or goods that equated happiness. Rather it was...Continue Reading

Returning to the Virtue of Modesty

Pope Francis has served for over three years now and we still are still getting used to his humble demeanor and actions. I can still picture him riding back to his hotel on the bus, garbed...Continue Reading

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Inspiración y recursos para Católicos

La Iglesia Franciscana

Este mes de octubre celebramos la fiesta de san Francisco de Asís. La espiritualidad franciscana está basada en la protección de los más marginados en este mundo. San Francisco siempre...Seguir Leyendo

Celebre la Festividad de san Francisco de Asís

El 4 de octubre, la Iglesia Católica celebra la Fiesta de San Francisco de Asís. San Francisco creció como hijo de un rico comerciante de telas y su esposa en la ciudad de Asís, en las...Seguir Leyendo