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Believe • Celebrate • Live

Experience sacrament preparation in a whole new light! At Sadlier, we recognize this is a special time in a young person's life to engage in a deeper relationship with Christ. Sadlier's Believe • Celebrate • Live/Creer • Celebrar • Vivir offers programs for the following sacraments, including the newly added Confirmation: Inspired by the Spirit. These multimedia programs provide an all-new approach to sacrament preparation developed through listening to our customers' hopes, concerns, and dreams.



A new addition to the Believe • Celebrate • Live series, Confirmation: Inspired by the Spirit will fully engage your adolescents with an interactive approach to confirmation preparation. Learn More


Reconciliation Primary

Ages 7 and 8

Get children ready to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation for the first time and help them embrace Catholic identity and a sacramental way of seeing life. Learn More

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Eucharist Primary

Ages 7 and 8

Prepare children for the celebration of their First Communion through rich multimedia resources. Whether preparation is done in parish, school, or at home, children learn about the celebration of the Eucharist and ways to live what they have celebrated. Learn More

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Reconciliation & Eucharist Intermediate

Ages 9 and 10

Prepare older children for the celebration of First Penance and First Communion through age-appropriate and engaging resources, including multimedia. Learn More

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Confirmation Restored Order

Ages 7−9

This resource, used in conjunction with Believe • Celebrate • Live Eucharist, provides a comprehensive approach to Confirmation preparation in the Restored Order. Learn More

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