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About Us

For more than 50 years, Sadlier has prepared 32+ million students for academic success with rigorous programs such as Vocabulary Workshop and Progress in Mathematics, and more recently, Vocabulary for Success, Grammar for Writing, and the Let’s Target series. These provide what’s needed for the latest educational mandates and offer innovative new ways to reach students, educators, and parents through highly-interactive technology.

Adhering to the same high standards, our experts have built Common Core Progress English Language Arts and Mathematics and state-specific versions to ensure your students are prepared for success on the new state assessments, as well as in college, the workplace, and life.

As the company continues to grow, innovate, and adapt, we’ve developed new tools like Sadlier Connect, for single sign-on, Web-based access to program resources. But always, we’ll be tied to solid educational content and a commitment to what works. And we always start and end with you, the customer, to ensure that all our programs serve your needs and produce student achievement in the classroom.


Back in 1832, two brothers, Denis and James Sadlier, immigrants from Ireland, began publishing materials to meet both the spiritual and educational needs of the Irish immigrant community. This began the story of William H. Sadlier, Inc. and an entrepreneurial, family-owned company that would be passed down across the generations and would continue to innovate and publish educational resources that students and educators were in demand of.

Over the years, Sadlier created history and geography programs that were groundbreaking in their day. Sadlier’s The Old World and American History represented a new approach that would revolutionize the way educators taught history in elementary schools. Years later, Sadlier continued to innovate by publishing the Social Geography Series. The success of that series was felt across public schools and sustained the company during the great depression.

With the acquisition of the Oxford Book Company in 1972, Sadlier achieved its mission of publishing textbooks in all major academic areas. Today, we are the trusted partner and solution provider to thousands of private and public schools across the world. Sadlier has produced award-winning Math, Language Arts, and Literacy educational programs that are customized to the needs of every type of learner. Our programs reach a diverse audience and have been adopted by large states, as well as individual teachers in schools across the world.

In schools today, Sadlier is often referred to as the Vocabulary Experts. Our Vocabulary Workshop programs are the leaders in their category, known as trusted resources that help high-achieving students expand their vocabularies, improve word acquisition skills, and prepare for standardized tests and academic success in college. The new Vocabulary for Success helps at- or below-level students and English Language Learners develop the vocabulary they need to succeed.

Sadlier’s ongoing success has been tied to our ability to change with the times to meet the present-day needs of educators and students. That’s why we developed the new Sadlier Connect, a single sign-on, Web-based platform with access to program resources. Educators, students, and parents can find Interactive Editions, eBooks, and Online Assessments that provide instant feedback, automatic scoring, and a robust reporting system to help track student achievement.

The current Chairman of the Board, Frank Sadlier Dinger, and President William Sadlier Dinger, are the great-grandsons of William H. Sadlier and direct descendants of Denis and James Sadlier. They’ve been recognized as leaders in educational publishing by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) and have been inducted into the association’s prestigious Hall of Fame for their lifetime of achievement, commitment, and dedication to education.

For over 180 years, the Sadlier family has nurtured William H. Sadlier’s original vision with integrity, creativity, and a commitment to ongoing excellence. That family tradition is felt today and will continue to help us serve our customers into the future.